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The Extensis headquarters are firmly rooted in the land of microbrews and skinny jeans here in Portland, Oregon. So what do you do if you’re struggling with fonts and digital assets across the country on or near the east coast? Not to worry, we have you covered with our NYC offices that serve the eastern region of the United States and Canada.

In our NYC office you’ll find three creative workflow experts helping companies maintain license compliance and improve their workflows using Extensis font and digital asset management solutions:


Jeremy Godfrey, Regional Business Manager


  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Latest book: Maui Revealed
  • Ideal vacation spot: Maui or St. Croix… depends on if I’m departing from PDX or NYC.
  • During my commute: I read the NY Post.


James Grace, Senior Systems Engineer


  • Favorite color:Neon Orange
  • Latest book: Travels
  • Ideal vacation spot: The Beach in Cancun, Mexico
  • During the commute: I listen to PopTron : SomaFM  



Chris Chen, Systems Engineer


  • Favorite color: Black
  • Latest book: Start with Why
  • Ideal vacation spot: Maldives
  • During the commute: Flo Rida,  David Guetta,  Rihanna


All three enjoy long walks on the beach and ensuring that font and digital asset management projects are successfully completed on time and under budget.

To learn more about what Jeremy, James, and Chris can do for you, please check out our Professional Services page.

Extensis US Holiday Party

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Tis the season for gathering together for some festive holiday fun. We at Extensis got together for dinner and some group fun last weekend at the gorgeous Aquariva restaurant on the Willamette River in Portland.

After drinks and dinner, we started off the fun with a quick game that was fashioned after Let’s Make A Deal. Those who were able to produce some random objects from purses, pockets and wallets were given the choice of a stack of presents containing random items. one lucky winner went home with a new iPad Mini, while others went home a variety of prizes, from a dollar to even a certificate for a massage.


The night ended up with many fun hours of singing Karaoke, with some new surprise talents showing through.





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Mud, Mud, glorious Mud, there’s nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.

These were the words from the famous ‘Hippopotamus Song’ that came to my mind when I first heard that Extensis Europe’s Christmas festivities would include a morning spent on a 4 x 4 Driving Experience in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. In the lead up to the party, as expected, and as fits most people’s perception of the UK, we had had days of rain and some serious flooding across the UK – my how I was looking forward to getting axle-deep in the stuff that some people like to splash all over their bodies in a fit of vanity!

When the day came, however, whilst a typically British Winter morning (it was foggy), the temperature had plummeted and as we approached our destination, we were driving through freezing fog… it was going to be a cold, cold day!

Our Venue was Rockingham Castle which dates back to William the Conqueror times (King of England from 1066-1087 AD). It was actually William himself who ordered the Castle to be built overlooking the Welland Valley – a truly beautiful spot. From a 4 x 4 perspective, this clearly meant there would be steep hills and a host of other interesting terrain to negotiate/wildlife to avoid amongst the trees and more.

On arrival, we were all amazed to see through the fog, that the vehicles we would be driving were a Land Rover Defender 9-seater, complete with front-bumper-mounted winch to pull ourselves out should we get stuck; a Land Rover Discovery 4 ‘Sport’ and a Range Rover – all of which looked worryingly new, in pristine condition. My fears were confirmed when, over the safety briefing, we were informed that the ‘Sport’ only had 774 miles on the clock, and the Range Rover had even less – just 78. ‘How trusting (faithful? idiotic?)’, I thought, that they were prepared to put these brand new vehicles in the hands of complete novices.

During the briefing, it was reassuring to see that it isn’t only the computer software industry that is full of acronyms as we were introduced to the meanings of HDC; ABS; DSC; GRC; HSA; DPF; ARM; GAC; SLC; RC and more. That aside, it soon became clear that understanding what a limited split differential is, is a bit like trying to explain the offside rule in Soccer!

With the briefing over, it was time to climb aboard and drive to the field where the fun would begin. By this time, the fog was beginning to burn off to leave a semi-clear sky, but still sub-zero temperatures. So our expectation for ‘Glorious Mud’ was replaced with the reality of ice, ice, and more ice – faaaantastic – now we could really see how the ‘Best 4 x 4 x Far’ could cope with slippery surfaces such as wet grass; steep, ice-covered inclines; mud-pools; and, being on a working farm, the deposits left by the local indigenous sheep population.

We all took turns at the wheels of the various vehicles to understand the differences, and techniques of how to cope with the different conditions. The Land Rover Discovery was full of electronics to compensate for driver error, whilst the Defender meant the driver was for more actively involved – just brilliant!

As the morning went on, under the traction of the vehicles, what had started off as frozen mud became just mud – and as treacherous in its own way as sheet ice.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience – especially ascending and descending the hill known to the instructors as ‘Ski-jump’ (for obvious reasons!).

As with all self-respecting Englishmen and women, after such a fun event, there was really only one more thing to do – ‘Go to the Pub’ – and that is exactly what we did! The Queens Head at Bulwick, Northamptonshire is a fine example of olde worlde charm with flag-stone floor and open fires, serving excellent English real ales with names like ‘Spitfire’; ‘Barwell Bitter’; ‘Newby Wyke’ and more.

Thanks for reading – Extensis Europe would like to extend their festive greetings to all its customers and look forward to serving their requirements for 2013.

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The good folks at the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SoTA, the organization that runs TypeCon each year) have organized Font Aid VI, a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy relief. Font Aid is an irregular charitable project. Basically a bunch of type designers create a single glyph each, and the resulting font is sold with all the proceeds going to charity. This year it’s a font of asterisks.

I thought I would contribute something, but I quickly found myself with three different asterisks. However, Font Aid only takes one glyph per designer. Will y’all help me choose which one of the three asterisks above is the best? The deadline for voting is Friday Nov 16, 2012 at noon Pacific Time.

three asterisk images

Left to right: Spiky, Rounder and Medium asterisks

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It’s a rare occasion that we can get everyone in one location at any given time, but last week 98% of Extensis employees converged to the Portland home office for a week full of meetings and a lot more meetings.

On Friday, we held our first company picnic in over a decade at Sellwood Park, which is one of Portland’s most beautiful & historic parks.

Extensis Motorcycle Gang

Extensis Motorcycle Gang

Our event started with lunch catered by Fuddruckers and holy mother was it delicious! We dined on your typical picnic fare of hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad and beer. Fuddruckers served us ridiculous sized hotdogs placed in under proportioned buns.

Extensis is known to treat their employees very well. After lunch, there was a raffle drawing and anyone who attended the picnic was entered into a drawing for all sorts of goodies. Prizes included gift cards, massages, Portland Timbers tickets, iPods, an Amazon Kindle, and the grand prize of an iPad. In addition to the raffle, Extensis employees were given hats and t-shirts with our newly branded logo. We even had Extensis branded cotton candy. How cool is that?

The grand prize winner of the raffle was John Parnaby from our Australian office. John won the iPad and promptly traded it for an old Mac Cube won by Thomas Phinney. Granted the Mac Cube is a collector’s item amongst Mac enthusiasts, but if that’s not Mac love, I don’t know what is.

After the raffle, we played Kickball, Horseshoes and Croquet.

Extensis Croquet Crew

Extensis Kickball


This year’s company picnic was my most favorite Extensis event ever!

Extensis (most of us)

Extensis Europe


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Here at Extensis we strive to make software that’s easy to use, stable and something that you can rely upon.

Even in the most optimal of workflows, occasionally things can go sideways. If that happens to you, you’ll be happy to know that we provide FREE technical support to get you back up and running quickly.

We have a number of self-service resources, as well as direct contact with our professional support team.

Self-service support resources

Contact our support teams directly

If you are having issues with your Extensis account, please contact our customer service team by emailing



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At Extensis, we pride ourselves on being where our customers need us to be. We like to be part of the conversation and are always here to answer your font management, digital asset management and web font questions.

We maintain a social media presence to help you answer questions and better connect with us. Here’s where you can find us:

  • Extensis Twitter accounts

We’d love for you to follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, and add our blogs to your RSS feed reader.

Of course, if you have any technical support or customer service needs, please contact our teams directly. They’ll get back to you ASAP.

We also like to hear about conversations that include our software in other external forums and chime in to help where possible. If you see something that you think that we could help, please contact us, and we’ll help where we are able.

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In a tough economy, it’s always good to hear about the creation of new jobs. Well, we’re happy to announce that we’ve opened up a new position here in our downtown Portland, Oregon office.

Are you a UX/UI Designer who strives to attain the best user experience? An ideal candidate must be passionate about product design and bring significant experience and authority to the process of designing user interaction for Extensis products.

If you’ve got the chops and are interested, please shoot us your application here.

We know that you’ll like working in our office. We’ve got doughnuts and bagels every Friday morning, and heck, when doesn’t a good doughnut make your day?

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We recently launched the latest version of our digital asset management software (Portfolio Server 10.2), and what better way to celebrate a product launch as a company than eating Korean tacos…lots of Korean tacos!

If you live in Portland, you know that the obvious choice for Korean tacos is KOi Fusion, so we consulted with their catering department and decided to go with the UNLIMITED KOREAN TACOS option.

When the day of the celebration came, you could practically hear the drool dripping from our collective mouths splattering on the floor as the clock approached lunchtime. A massive line began forming out the door of our conference room and around the corner:

I later heard that a few fights almost broke out due to people losing their place in line and people trying to cut in line, but fortunately HR was present to keep the peace.

Not only was the food all-you-can-eat, but the selection was fantastic. A choice of 4 meats (or tofu), self-serve toppings (don’t forget the kimchi), and hot or mild sauce. I saw several Extensians come back for seconds, and even thirds (I’ll admit that I ate 5 tacos myself).

At the end of lunch our bellies were full and we were all wearing smiles on our faces. Based on the feedback I received, I’d say the event was an success. If you’re looking for catering, I’d definitely recommend KOi fusion.

A big thanks to the crew at KOi Fusion. Hopefully we can have you back soon!

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After several years of successive business growth in Australia and New Zealand, we are happy to announce the appointment of John Parnaby as Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

John brings a wealth of digital publishing and IT expertise gained throughout his career. Prior to his appointment at Extensis, Parnaby worked at Future Publishing and BBC Magazines, two of the UK’s leading print publishers, where he purchased and maintained Extensis’ server solutions and technologies.

John’s expertise will be invaluable to furthering Extensis’ technology lead in Australia and New Zealand and providing both existing and prospective Font Management and Digital Asset Management customers support and guidance.

The region’s diverse list of Extensis customers includes: Kmart, Pearson Australia Group, Royal Australia Mint, Target Australia Pty Ltd, Walt Disney Television Australia Pacific Magazines, The Australian Football League, CSIRO, Terry White Chemists (part of Symbion Health) and The City of Sydney.

John will be working closely with Extensis Preferred Partners and Resellers, and is responsible for providing Extensis Professional Services and Technical Support throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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