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Last time I talked about how you can set up Portfolio’s QuickFind to help you quickly search out what you need. This time we’ll look at saving full Search criteria that you need to use again and again, and use that to automatically populate galleries for you.

Portfolio gives you the ability to make Saved Finds and Smart Galleries are very helpful for keeping track of projects, clients or special subject matter.

Saved Finds can help you keep your most requently needed assets handy.

The first step is to create the search criteria that you need to use. For my example, I used a search that finds on the client name, and approval status.  More efficient searches are ones that search for criteria that ‘matches’ rather than ‘contains’ or ‘does not contain’. Then I added the status of Approved to get just the assets that are Approved For Use. Once you have the search that works for you, then save that search; pull down the Saved Finds menu item, and save your search as a Smart Gallery.

You can go back and adjust the criteria that populates the Smart Gallery, or even create saved searches that do not populate galleries, but are ready for use.

By using a saved search, you can populate a Smart Gallery

These saved searches and Smart Galleries are saved in the catalog so anybody using the catalog can benefit from this

Portfolio 8.5 can save your search criterias

Smart Galleries can even be used to drive content in a NetPublish site. Once you have assets that meet your desires, you can have that Smart Gallery be the gallery that drives your published content.

Just one more tip on how you can make Portfolio do the searching and finding automatically for you, rather than you having to do lots of extra clicks.

That’s today’s lesson, I hope you found it useful.

Motorcycle update – Today was fairly nippy on the ride in, I should have worn my flanel jeans, or at least my wind pants. This afternoon is looking good, think I’ll have to nip out for a little ride. In two weeks we’re looking at getting a group of fellow Extensis 2-wheel enthusiasts and heading down to the local Ural / Royal Enfield motorcycle dealer.  Maybe I’ll have to start saving my pennies for something new next spring.

Extensis on Twitter

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Extensis is on Twitter - it\'s an inconsistent service, but we\'re here nonethelessAs communication methods continue to evolve, we’re moving forward to stay right there with you.

About a year and a half ago, we started this blog as a different method to share what’s happening at Extensis. Shortly prior to that, we also relaunched the Extensis forums as a place where you can discuss Extensis products and how to implement and use them with other customers.

Well, now we’re up and running with the newest method of communication, Twitter (our username is what else, “extensis”). This “tweet” stream will contain interesting items, yet things that might not be worthy of a full post on the blog, as well as links to all of our blog posts (via Twitterfeed).

We also want to know what’s going on in the world of our customers and friends, so if you’re following me, I’ll definitely want to follow you. I promise that we’ll keep it interesting and informative. So you won’t be hearing every time we have leftover pizza in the main kitchen, but you will get intersting news about fonts, font management, graphic design, digital archives and digital asset management.

To sign up for a twitter account and follow us, hop on over to Twitter.

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