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We’re happy to share that The Chronicle, the nation’s number one source of news for the education and philanthropic sectors, is using Universal Type Server to manage and distribute the fonts used in its esteemed publications – The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Prior to implementing a font management solution, The Chronicle IT team loaded fonts on each individual machine. With 80 users across four departments, this became a time consuming operation. Knowing it could not sustain this process over the long-term, The Chronicle turned to Universal Type Server to:

  • Centralize their fonts into a single, secure location, ensuring everyone on the team has access to the same licensed fonts
  • Manage multiple font collections for different types of workgroups, while providing efficient user access
  • Integrate into a cross-platform environment
  • Offer easy server configuration and management for the IT Group

Since deploying Universal Type Server, The Chronicle has saved countless hours with the ability to quickly load fonts onto a single server, and easily manage access for both Mac and PC users from a central location.

Steve Smith, Director, Publishing Platform at The Chronicle commented, “The Chronicle is saving a significant amount of time by not having to load fonts machine by machine. Managing our fonts now takes almost no time at all.”

To learn more about The Chronicle’s success with Universal Type Server, check out their case study here.


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