Las Vegas Typography

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LasVegasSign_250I travel a lot for Extensis. Speaking at various events, working trade shows and paying visits to our customers in various cities. Recently I spent some time in Las Vegas for a great event called Future Insights Live.

While I didn’t get a chance to visit everywhere in Las Vegas, I did walk around a bit of the strip and surrounding areas to check out the use of typography in the various logo graphics and signs in the community. As you can imagine, there’s a full spectrum of type use in this town. From the playful and professional, to the downright gaudy and garish, as you would expect, Las Vegas has got it all.

I like the use of the loop in the logo for the roller coaster at the New York New York casino. Classy and it makes me want to go for a ride! vegas_rollercoaster_600 This ice cream “signage” had me cracking up, and it even had a nice hand carved look of the faux marble carving. vegas_icecream_600 While creative, the logo and signage for this restaurant is less than readable. vegas_isla The Treasure Island Casino has a playful use of typographic elements in their logo. vegas_01_TI_600 The SciFi look of this deli’s signage definitely matches their schmancy alien like lighting fixtures. vegas_05_cantersdeli_600

I fell in love with the Aria hotel while I was there. The visual serenity that they’ve created within this building is striking. The typographic use is calm, serene and perfect. Not too much, or too little. It’s in the Goldilocks zone for me.

vegas_aria_600 vegas_aria_inside_600 vegas_aria_miumiu_600

Of course most everything else is bigger, bolder and in your face. Take the multi-story tall letters of the MGM Grand as a perfect example. These suckers can surely be seen for many miles during the day or night.


I do also like what they’ve done with the internal restaurant Hakkasan’s logo inside the MGM. It’s bold and fun.


Not all is well in Sin City, as you would expect. It’s easy to find issues on the strip, such as this unfortunate signage fail. Have any idea what “After Iours Club Vear” is? vegasehotmessphoto_600 Yet, the typographic issues aren’t limited just to the lower-end stores. Check out what’s going on at the official Blue Man Group theater. With as popular and successful as how this group is, you’d think that they could pay a little attention to the kerning in their signage. They paid likely many thousands of dollars on their fancy, flashing lights infested entryway, but to me, all that I see is “THEAT – ER.” blueman_600 While everyone needs to gain the little bit of attention that they can garner, you can really tell that all of these shops are shouting “look at me!” to a probably less than desirable result. vegas_03_hotmess_600

Oh my Crazy Ely, no, please just stop now.


Of course, if you want to rent a machine gun, I bet you can locate a place even within this cacophony.


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