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While there have been worlds of advancement in the realm of digital asset management in the last decade, there remain a few gaping holes, one of which is the lack of new standards for metadata on multimedia or video files. This is long-existing issue that only an open dialogue and cooperation can successfully tackle.


Where we are coming from:

When it comes to metadata, new DAM standards are widely implemented for photos, thanks to the work of industry groups like the IPTC. They primarily focus on photography and news media or VRA Core–a “standard for works of visual culture as well as the images that document them.” There is no debate that these standards have made countless lives easier, but the fact remains that no definitive innovation has been developed for managing multimedia file formats.

With the prevalence of digital-only consumers and the on-demand nature of news and entertainment, the number of video files is increasing at an exponential rate and in an array of new formats–4K anyone? This all leads to explosive growth in the archives, which requires increasingly sophisticated management—a complex issue that will require a complex solution.

The good news: the outlook isn’t totally bleak and there are promising signs that innovation is right around the corner. The first of which is The Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative. This standard was implemented by the Federal Government to create practices around the digitizing of historical content. While we are brought closer to a solution with such a far-reaching standardization for all digital media, multimedia and video still require a little extra love.

The ISO, or International Organization for Standardization has also stepped up to the challenge. They have specified a suggested group of metadata elements to be used while managing video archives including schema tools, linking, and media localization tools and basic descriptors. Subsumed within each element are recommended metadata fields standardized within its ISO 15938-5:2003.

Where we are going—tackling new DAM standards:

Despite this positive progression, there is still work to be done in order to gain a consensus. Each organization interprets and implements the standards differently, making for temporary fixes to our problem that simply won’t hold up over time. We look forward to working with IPTC as an Associate Member in order to further push the boundaries for the development of digital asset management solutions for the ever-changing digital world.

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