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Today we’re proud to announce our newest release of Universal Type Server, which solves common font distribution and synchronization issues and helps mitigate licensing risks for teams.

Keep Your Team’s Fonts on the Same Page with Universal Type Server

No matter how large your organization’s collection is, Type Server helps you centralize, synchronize, organize and distribute your font libraries while offering secure, reliable font management and compliance for your team.

Because Universal Type Server integrates fonts directly into professional tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, designers can get instant access to the fonts they need without having to switch between applications. It’s optimized for and fully compatible with retina displays, Apple OS X Yosemite and Windows 8, and Adobe Creative Cloud 2014.

“For companies working with large collections of fonts, a solution to manage them is not only critical for efficiency, but also for preventing costly font licensing issues,” said Chris Meyer, Sr. Product Manager for Font Management at Extensis.

But don’t just take our word for it. There are tons of global brands already using Universal Type Server, a good portion of them having switched from other solutions.


The hidden risks of font misuse are too costly to ignore

The average number of active fonts on a designer’s computer is a whopping 681, with the average font collection at 4,512 (see more fun font library stats in our “Font Groupie” infographic). This is great for the individual designer, but potentially bad for a legitimate business when said designer introduces their collection to the company’s workflow.

The truth is, most designers don’t even read font licenses. Most EULAs (End-User License Agreements) tend to be complex, fluid, and difficult to apply to a constantly evolving workflow without proper staff and tools.

Keep Your Team’s Fonts on the Same Page with Universal Type Server—UTS5 helps companies manage licensed fonts

Extensis surveyed a wide variety of creative professionals to learn how they approach font licensing and font management, and how their actions (deliberate or not) can place creative teams at risk. It demonstrates that improper font management can lead to legal turmoil while damaging your client’s brand—and yours in the process.

Many employers understand the risk of using fonts that are not appropriately licensed in professional work, but not necessarily the degree of trouble it can cause their business. Font licensing related lawsuits against corporate brands, creative agencies, and publishers can stretch into millions of dollars. To provide just one example, NBCUniversal has been engaged three times in recent years for lawsuits totaling over $5 million US for font related issues.[1]

The bottom line is that fonts are licensed just like any other software, and unlicensed, or improperly licensed fonts can cause project slowdowns and heavy legal consequences.


The features you need for the functionality you want

Universal Type Server was designed to help creative team managers, IT admins, and their companies avoid these issues, while helping you effectively and efficiently:

  • Segment access to your licensed collection
  • Distribute licensing information
  • Manage licenses and build reports to see how fonts are used by your team

Keep Your Team’s Fonts on the Same Page with Universal Type Server

IT admins will love it especially for its convenient web interface, easy configuration, tight user regulation and font license control. Other features optimized in this latest release include:

  • Font Sets to let you organize your collection in ways that work best for you and your organization
  • Tight user regulation so you can easily share and revoke access for teams and individuals
  • QuickComp templates to create quick mock-ups of font pairs and treatments in common project scenarios
  • WYSIWYG font panels so you can easily search, browse, preview, compare, organize fonts without hopping between the Universal Type Clien and design applications
  • Font Auto-Activation to automatically activate the exact fonts used in a document when that document is opened


To learn more about all the features in Universal Type Server 5, watch our short video tour below, and visit the Extensis site here to try or buy.


Take Universal Type Server 5 for a spin

Storing and distributing a company’s font collection on Dropbox, hard drives or servers isn’t just inefficient and disorganized—it’s also potentially costly, since that method doesn’t allow for tight user regulation or font license control.

Take control of your company’s fonts with a minimal learning curve and cost, for maximum return. Distribute licensed fonts to the right users, prevent unlicensed fonts from ever entering the workflow, and prevent costly font license issues from catching your team off-guard with Universal Type Server.


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[1]The Hidden Risks of Font Misuse (Survey Report), Extensis

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