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UPDATE: Learn how video production agency 50 Kaliber Films easily made the switch from Final Cut Server in this webcast recording: Images, Videos, PDFs and More: Multimedia Agency Finds Numerous Uses for DAM

With the introduction of Final Cut Pro X, Apple has discontinued its Final Cut Server media asset management software . If you’re now looking for a Final Cut Server alternative, we suggest taking a look at our digital asset management software – Portfolio Server.

In Portfolio Server 10, you can instantly playback video and audio in both our Web Client and native Mac and Windows Desktop Clients. We’ve enhanced our metadata support with the ability to embed XMP metadata to video files, and added the ability to transcode video in our NetMediaMAX solution pack. If you need to migrate assets from an existing Final Cut Server, just point Portfolio Server to an existing FCSvr device for automatic cataloging and synchronization of media files.

Want to see for yourself if Portfolio Server is a good Final Cut Server alternative? You can learn more about Portfolio Server or download a free 30 day trial.

If you’re a Final Cut Server user, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section. What do you plan do to with your Final Cut Server implementation? If you are looking for a replacement, what features and capabilities are important to you in a media asset management system?


9 comments on “Final Cut Server Replacement

  1. I really like your portfolio server as a DAMS for media resources like psd’s, but there are number of features I find lacking when it comes to the video piece. Probably the number one reason i won’t be able to use portfolio on the video end is the lack of proxy video support in the editing workflow.

    Let me present you with a situation. Joe is an editor with emergent media. Ryan is a cameraman for Redhouse Media that has just ingested around 10TB of footage from a 2 week trip documenting the effects of the Tsunami in Japan. Redhouse knows this is a rush job to get the documentary put together, but one of their editors is out sick and another is working on a high priority job for a major network. Rather than try to take on the job, Redhouse decides to outsource the work. They decide to hire Joe from Emergent because he produces quality work at a discount rate, but he lives 6 hours away. Using final cut server, Joe could login through VPN, browse clips from the 10TB of footage, download proxy files of that footage and edit the documentary. He could then turn around and upload the finished project to Redhouse’s servers where they could render it out using the original high def clips. With only a couple of clicks, the proxy work is turned into the final product.

    This type of workflow is not possible with Portfolio Server. Unfortunately, the needs of this workflow are quite often needed. We do a good bit of travel and don’t always have the footage we need with us locally, so editing remotely becomes a crucial part of our process. Another important piece is the ability to support automated workflows. If Portfolio had that, it would make it considerably more appealing to me.

    These are just a couple of thoughts on the product to make it work for video editors. Like I said before, I think you have a great product for print resources and I’ve always been a huge fan of your font management systems. If I could get these features in Portfolio, it would become a very real contender on my radar of DAMS.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, @Ernie. One of our Product Managers is interested in discussing this with you and sent you an email – additional feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated!

  3. I wouldn’t recommend Portfolio Server as a replacement for Final Cut Server. It has a ways to go before even considering it. CatDV, EditShare or Southpaw TACTIC are better choices. Another product is Telestream Vantage which is great for workflows. Its really a shame Apple discontinued such a great product!

  4. If extensis was able to match the $999 price point of FCSrv you would have my business in a second.

    There is a real sweet spot here in the marketplace. Small shops can not afford 10k price points. And your server studio product is too crippled to be useful.

    Deliver a product that lives between your enterprise and studio products and you will see customers coming…

  5. Hi Ben, what would you like to see added to Studio to make it more useful? If you’re migrating from FCSvr, we do have discounted “cross-grade” pricing available.

  6. @Ed – we too are looking to migrate away from FCS. We currently have about 50TB of video on our server. Remote edting of proxies would be nice, but not a show stoper for us. The issue is, can Portfolio import the metadata from our current video assets without jumping through firey hoops?

  7. Portfolio Server will automatically extract XMP metadata from video assets, but to import metadata en masse you would need to export all the metadata from FCS and convert it into tab-delimited text format. Once it’s in the right format, importing is easy as long as you don’t have duplicate filenames. See page 92 for info on importing:

    The CTO of one of the studios we’ve worked with explains how he migrated all of their metadata from FCS to Portfolio Server in this webcast:

    I also found this page from an Apple consultant about exporting metadata from FCS into XML: After export from FCS, the XML would need to be converted into tab delimited format.

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