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UPDATE 10/15/2015: The El Capitan version of Universal Type Client 5 (v5.2.1) is now available. This is a free update for all Universal Type Server 5 users. Download the update here.

UPDATE 10/8/2015: The El Capitan version of Suitcase Fusion 6 (v17.3) is now available for download as a free update for all existing Suitcase Fusion 6 users. Download the free update.

See the following Extensis software compatibility pages for more information:

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94 comments on “Extensis compatibility with OS X 10.11 – El Capitan

  1. Hi, now that El Capitan is out to the public, when do you plan on issuing the upgrade to make Fusion compatible? Thanks

  2. Concerns: Suitcase Fusion 6
    Suitcase this shit does not work on El Captan, do you fix many bugs before the release of Apple’s new operating system?
    I lost half a day to reconfigure a catalog of 564 pages.
    Thank you Extensis.
    I’m really angry.



  3. This was back in August. OS 10.11 is out. When may we expect to see an update so that Fusion 6 is compatible?

  4. Chris, Sorry that you lost time. We are putting the finishing touches on a Suitcase Fusion 6 update. It will be a free update. We currently expect it in the coming week.

  5. Hi Luis, we are doing final testing with Apple’s final release now. Apple did a number of under the hood changes and we want to be sure that the updates to Suitcase Fusion to make it work properly function in all required situations. We expect something early next week.

  6. Hi Dennis. Yes, we got our message out early because we know our customers appreciate knowing something about our plans. We did update the message a couple of weeks ago as well. I expect a compatible version of Suitcase Fusion 6 in the coming week. It will be a free update for current Suitcase Fusion 6 users.

  7. What about previous versions that are now broken with 10.11? My company are still on Type Server 4, will there be an update issued for that and 5?

  8. Hi Miguel. Yes, we will be posting an update to Universal Type Client 5 to work on El Capitan. That is also expected late next week. Our policy is to do updates to the most current versions, so we will not be doing updates to version 4. If your company has an Annual Service Agreement, the upgrade to UTS5 is a free one. So, I’d check with your IT department about that possibility.

  9. Hmmm… I always thought that Apple was releasing Developper betas during 6 months prior to release specially so developpers can be ready for day 1 of the OS release. It seems that Extensis did not think it was important to be ready for day 1…. Let’s see now next week.

  10. Hi Fred. Yes, we’ve been testing with developer betas. This is of course when Apple is also still working on their software. We do our best, but want to ensure that we’re fully tested with the final code that Apple releases before putting out our software. We’ll have something for you next week. Thanks for your patience.

  11. You know, the good folks at Extensis could offer beta releases as well… This way customers can upgrade without interruption and Extensis could have a wider range of testing/feedback… Win,win! *hint hint* 😉

  12. BUGFIX required

    UTC 5.2.0 is working OK generally…BUT it refuses to load POSTSCRIPT fonts.
    It works fine with TrueType and OpenType fonts.

  13. Errmm, why are you only doing updates now when El Capitan was out to test for months before final release. I’m On Suitcase Fusion 4 and now I can’t do any work until you pull your finger out and make your products work. What ere you going to do?????!

  14. Hi Ed. We’ve been working on an update for Suitcase Fusion 6 for a while. We will only be updating this product, so you’ll need to upgrade to get the free fix.

  15. Hi Mike. No, Suitcase Fusion 5 is not compatible with El Capitan. We will be releasing a free update for version 6 next week, so if you want compatibility, you’ll need to upgrade.

  16. Hepl, error message…

    An incompatible version of the plug-in framework was found.
    Component location: “/usr/bin/corecli”. Please consult your system administrator to resolve this.

  17. Hi Oguz. Yes, that is an issue with the auto-activation plug-ins on El Capitan. You will see this error message, but the fonts should still activate. Just click OK and the fonts should be there. Annoying, I know. We will have a fix for Suitcase Fusion 6 next week. Thanks.

  18. Wow! Surprised at how many people didn’t check for update compatibility before upgrading an OS update. Never, ever, update a production machine unless you know for sure that everything will function properly. Only rookies do that and of course they will lose time, money, etc. Extensis does a great job of getting out updates. I’m still waiting on other devs to get their update out as well. Don’t be a rookie!

  19. I updated to El Capitan, did the update and it doesn’t seem to be working. Fonts do not activate in Adobe products. Is this a situation where a full reinstall is necessary? Please help asap.

  20. Hello, how are you?

    I’m honestly very disappointed at Extensis.

    Suitcase Fusion 5 is just one version behind the newest one, even though it’s being left out on this update.

    That doesn’t make any sense. I can’t update my operational system, that had its performance optimized and security improved,if I don’t get the new version?

    Suitcase won’t have any new resource, it will just keep working, which is not happening right now. In my opinion, Exensis’ job is to assure that: its complete operation.

    Is it so impracticable to consider all the users who have acquired the software and are not able to use it right now?

    Thank you.
    Caio Eduardo

  21. Great, thank you so much for getting it out so quickly! I’m sorry you guys had to deal with such crap from some customers.

  22. Batch processing/download has stopped working in portfolio 1.6.5 since updating to El Capitan. Is there an update coming to fix problem.

  23. With the new OS (and updates to CC) comes a ton of new and unwelcome fonts. Any idea when Extensis plans on updating the “Best Practices Guide” that details the extra fonts that can be moved out of the system? The current one is from 2012!

  24. OK its Thursday, October 8…when will you be releasing the Universal Type client and Server Updates for El Capitan like you said you would last week?

  25. is there an update for suitcase 5 also. because currently i using suitcase 5 and i already update my mac to El Capitan. Thank you.

  26. Hi Kurt, the Suitcase Fusion updates took a little longer than expected. The team is on the Universal TYpe Client updates at this moment. Hopefully soon.

  27. I have recently updated my OS to El Capitan and bought an upgrade to SF6 in the process. However, I now have an issue that SF6 keeps causing InDesign to quit when I try and create a PDF! I’m very confident it’s SF6 causing the issue because my other older iMac is running El Capitan and SF5 and it doesn’t cause it to quit creating PDFs! Can anyone help me please or know a workaround (other than using my old slow iMac), it’s very frustrating!

  28. Hi,
    Until now we’ve been using Suitcase Fusion 2 which has stopped working now with El Capitan. There also seems no upgrade offer for Fusion 2 users and it’s not worth the £120 you now want for it. Please would you let me know how you uninstall it from El Capitan as it leaves a non working icon in the Mac’s System Preferences.


  29. It’s October 13th — why is there no update on Universal Type Client.

    Come on guys. Not good. At all.

  30. Hi David and Andrea, we are still working on an update for the Universal Type Client. Please stay tuned. I’ll share more info as I get it. Thanks.

  31. Hi team,

    I have updated UTC to the new El Capitan version but am now being told our version of UTS is incompatible with this UTC. Is there also an update to UTS, and if I do update UTC will I have to update every connected UTC on the server?


  32. WHY does your site make it SO difficult to find an update for Suitcase on the El Capitan! It should be on your front page with an easily recognizable large, blinking button that is displayed prominently somewhere on your site. I paid more money than i wanted to for something simple and with the small link hidden on your support page, Extensis is not making this simple.

  33. Sorry Scott. Yes, we could do better with our site organization. We are working on some updates that will hopefully help this process. Thanks for the comments.

  34. Three weeks after the launch of El Capitan and Suitcase Fusion 6 still doesn’t work! It crashes Quark Xpress and support have been saying for 2 weeks they’re aware of this issue but to date there has still been no resolution!

  35. Extensis – Any refund or discount for having these issues and wasting the end users time? or possibly there will be another £50/$65 upgrade fee and similar issues again when 10.12 is released. I think there should be a free future upgrade for us. What do you think?

  36. Thought.. these postings should be newest on top, and oldest at the bottom ..
    Makes it easier to read.. also you do not need to scroll down to the bottom to see the latest post updates .. Thx

  37. Hi,
    I have problems with suitcase 6,
    some fonts are open in suitcase 6,
    but i can’t use it in illustrator or indesign CS5.5.

  38. Hi,
    I use El Capitan,
    I can’t use some fonts with illustrator or indesign CS5.5.
    with suitcase 6. So, theses fonts are open in suitcase.

  39. Hi Olivier, You should be able to use any font type in Suitcase Fusion 6. Please contact our support team for assistance. They will likely have you provide copies of the offending fonts. We typically like to test any fonts that fail to better understand how they may have been corrupted. Thanks.

  40. Why isn’t there an update to make Suitcase Fusion 5 compatible with El Capitan? Even if it has to be purchased?

    Seems like poor customer service on your part, to force customers to upgrade, without providing another option.

  41. Hey. Today i -installed a new MBPro born with El Capitain. I had to upgrade Suitcase, but a font like the adobe Eurostyle was activated, but not shown in any og the programs from Word to Indesign. When moved to Library, it appeared in the font menus. Also a font like Signa, had the same problem. Maybe font conflicts, but it was genuine Adobe fonts. Other fonts were also transferred to library to show up. (appearing in System font section of SuitC)Update of SuitCase showed we run the latest ver. Any ideas?
    regards Kim

  42. Sara, It takes development effort to build and test new versions of Suitcase Fusion. We focus on the newest version of Suitcase for this as it includes all of the current features. If you’re going to purchase something anyway, most users would say that they would like to get all of the new features as well as the compatibility. Hope that this helps understand why we make the hard decisions that we do.

  43. Can’t believe this software charges for OS X capability updates its not like anything major has changed between Yosemite and capitan. I bet its like a single line of code or check box you ticked. Really disappointed that i’m being charged $50 for a compatibility update its outrageous. Not even adobe stooped that low.

  44. Are there any plans to make Suitcase Fusion 5 fully compatible with El Capitain?

    It seems a lot of us are still using this version (with no need from a user point of view to upgrade).


  45. Alex, I’m sorry, we won’t be updating Suitcase Fusion 5 for El Capitan. We focus on the newest version for updates and rigorous testing. You’ll need to upgrade to get compatibility.

  46. Tom, While you may not have seen significant changes in the customer facing features of El Capitan, there were many changes under the hood that Apple made. These changes required a lot of work on the back end where we deal with files on disk, and is also why older versions don’t function properly on El Capitan. It takes engineering and QA time to make software products function properly. Thanks for understanding.

  47. I’m using Suitcase Fusion 4 and now that I’ve updated to El Capitan this application is useless. What am I supposed to do now? I’m supposed to buy Suitcase Fusion 6?!?!? WTF What a SCAM

  48. Shwebell, Suitcase Fusion 4 was released many years ago. It takes programming and QA time to build and update products to be compatible with Apple updates. You’re merely paying for people to work on a product for you. (Engineers gotta eat, you know.) There are also new features in Suitcase Fusion 6 that you will likely find helpful in your work.

  49. Just upgraded to suitcase 6 and auto activation not working in Indesign CS6 – El Capitan – designers have to eat too you know

  50. I did the update to El Capitan, that caused a bunch of problems, so then I did the update to suitcase fusion 6, I tried to install the Universal Type Server to solve problems, install failed. Please help!

  51. Hi DJ, Sorry that you’re having problems. Not sure why you’re trying to use both Suitcase Fusion and Universal Type Server together, they weren’t designed to do that. You need to use the Universal Type Client to connect to Universal Type Server. Please contact our support team to talk through what’s going on with your system.

  52. Suitcase Fusion 6 (just upgraded to 17.3.1) is painfully slow in El Capitan. Activating my font library, which used to take no more than a minute, now takes at least 10 minutes and slows down my machine so much that I can’t do anything else during this process. Do I need to do something to my settings to fix this?

  53. Same problem here with El Capitan and Illustrator CS6, Indesign CS6, FileMaker 11 ans Suitcase 6 /17.3.1) – a lot of fonts can be activated (no matter if permanent or temporary) and don’t show up in Illustrator, Indesign, Filemaker …

    @Jim Kidwell: For about three months now you only write the same phrase to contact the Extensis support. When will there be a real working fix? To work with workarounds, because a paid software suddenly stops working as it did before is extremely annoying!

  54. Add me to the list of frustrated users. Patch after patch and I’m sure Suitcase will be back to where it used to activate and deactivate fonts while working. NOPE! It does not.

    I’m running CS6 InDesign and Illustrator and they do NOT show up after Suitcase says they’re activated.

    Seriously, can’t this be fixed? This thread has been going since OCTOBER of LAST YEAR!

  55. Hi Josch, yes, please continue to contact support. They are the best source of help for diagnosing problems, and one of our best resources for figuring out issues that are intermittent or only pop up in specific circumstances.

  56. Hi Scott. Don’t know what’s going on here. Thanks for reporting it. I would recommend cleaning your font caches (in Suitcase Fusion choose File > Clean Font Caches) and if that doesn’t work, please contact support. Thanks.

  57. Is this something that has been fixed in UTC6? don’t fancy having to do this on 300odd client machines?

    in the meantime holding off on El Cap

  58. Cleaning font caches helps, but only for that instance. Each time a font needs to be loaded, I have to clean the font cache and restart. Suitcase is installed in the default location, but still doesn’t work as advertised. Just talked to support who said that it’s an Adobe problem. NOT HELPFUL, NO RESOLUTION. Thanks.

  59. Web fonts suddenly started appearing as slashes and lines instead of words a month after my OS 10.11.3 upgrade. I just downloaded the upgrade to Suitcase Fusion 6 and it didn’t fix it. What should I do?

  60. I just upgraded to El Capitan. Adobe just forced an Indesign upgrade to 2015.3. Suitcase Fustion 7 does not work. I have loaded and reloaded fonts. Turned on ‘copy into vault’ etc. It still doesn’t work. I even tried to go back to v4. That didn’t work.

    I will have to load fonts manually into systems folders. Maybe you should advertise on the Extensis home page that your software doesn’t work instead of advertising smooth auto-activation for everything. I can’t wait 3 days for tech support to get back to me. Some of us have deadlines.

    Thanks for the headache.

  61. Scott, Please contact our support team. They are pretty darned speedy about getting back to you and should be able to help with your upgrade. Cheers, Jim

  62. Hi, we have just had to update our iMac to OS X El Capiten 10.11.5. However we are still running on Suitcase Fusion 2. Now that we have upgraded our system, there are obviously incompatibility problems with suitcase wince its such an old version. We are getting a message that says “An incompatible version of the plug in framework was found, please consult your administrator to resolve this problem”, and also another message appears saying “Could not start FMCore”. What should we upgrade our suitcase to? And will it still work with all of our Adobe programs such as InDesign and Illustrator. Will all documents that we open automatically link to the new fonts in the new suitcase that we get? I have downloaded Suitcase fusion 6, but I am afraid of installing it, in case the new suitcase doesn’t link in with all of our programs and documents. I am looking for peace of mind that it will all run correctly. Should I be downloading suitcase 3 or 4 instead? Any help is appriciated as we are rookies with this type of thing, and we live on Norfolk Island where there are no professionals here that can assist us.

  63. Suitcase Fusion 2 is not compatible with El Capitan. You will need to upgrade to the most current version of Suitcase Fusion to get comnpatibility.

  64. If I am running El Capitan OS or 10.11.6
    what UTC version should I have. Mine now is 6.0.2. I am getting frequent freezes when just browsing through the fonts not activating any.

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