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MavericksApple announced today the availability of OS X Mavericks (10.9). This update includes a number of new features that can affect the performance of Extensis software.

We know that many organizations rely upon digital asset management and font management from Extensis. We have been testing beta software from Apple, and are now building and testing with the final release versions.

Suitcase Fusion

An updated version of Suitcase Fusion 5 will be available in 3-4 weeks that includes OS X Mavericks compatibility. Previous versions of Suitcase Fusion will not be updated, please upgrade to version 5 if you require Mavericks compatibility.

UPDATE: Suitcase Fusion 5 is now compatible with Mavericks.

Download the most current version of Suitcase Fusion 5.

Universal Type Server

An updated Universal Type Client 4 will be available in about a month that supports OS X Mavericks.  There are no known issues with the Server running on OS X Mavericks.

Extensis Portfolio

We will be releasing updates to Extensis Portfolio Server and the NetMediaMax add-on by the end of the year, 2013. These updates will include compatibility with OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1, and Windows 2012 R2. There are no known issues with the Portfolio Desktop Client running on Mavericks.

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34 comments on “Extensis compatibility with OS X Mavericks

  1. 3-4 weeks is not great! our business relies on extensis Suitcase Fusion 5 and all other applications are running slow or not working due to font issues

    Regards Damien

  2. Damien, I’m glad that you find Suitcase Fusion so useful in your business. We want to be sure that you continue to get a stable, reliable application, so we build and test thoroughly with the final release code for Mavericks. Apple has every right to change their code up until they release, and we want to ensure the best compatibility. Font mangers interact with the OS at a fairly low level, so minor changes can have big impacts. We want you to have the best experience, so thanks for your patience while we ensure the best quality product.

  3. I am in the same boat as Damien. I had Suitcase 3 and figured I should upgrade to Fusion 5 since it would work better with the new operating system. Then I read your post and I see that for the entire trial period, the software won’t work. Kind of hard to evaluate something that can’t even launch.

  4. Tom, It sounds like it’s just bad timing here. For older machines, you may consider holding off on Mavericks updates until all of your software is compatible. We’ll get things out as fast as we can do so and still ensure the best stability and compatibility.

  5. Wait, does this mean that Suitcase 5 will be completely inoperable on a Macintosh computer is running OS X Mavericks? Please explain this issue in detail. Also, when will Suitcase remove the annoying “Do you want the application “Adobe *” to accept incoming network connections? Clicking Deny may limit the application’s behavior. This setting can be changed in the Firewall pane of Security & Privacy preferences.” issue? All of this stuff makes me think that Extensis is not a cutting edge company that probably produces run-of-the-mill software that may have inherent problems.

  6. Additionally, your post introduces the topic with, “Apple announced today the availability of OS X Mavericks (10.9). This update includes a number of new features that can affect the performance of Extensis software.” The use of the verb “can” in this statement suggests that it’s only “possible” that the performance of Extensis software will be affected. When it comes to Suitcase, if what is professed in this forum suggests that Suitcase 5 is not operable inoperable in OS X Mavericks, then the verb should be changed to “will.” In other words, “Extensis Suitcase 5 will not work with OS Mavericks.”

  7. Suitcase 5 is working fine in Mavericks and Adobe CC suite. It is having a problem with the new version of pages v5 just released as the activation of fonts is not working properly. The same is Happening for other font managers. For Adobe stuff it works fine.

  8. Suitcase crashes every time I try to open on Mac with OSX Maverick

    What do you suggest I do now with a publication using 68 fonts which can’t be opened by Suitcase????

  9. 3-4 weeks is cool as long as the Suitcase update has Quark 10 font auto-activation baked in properly!

  10. Cesar, I am not aware of the “incoming connections” issue. It from the wording of it, it sounds like an Adobe Creative Cloud setting that is configured on your machine. Please contact our support team. Even though it is likely an Adobe setting, they are sharp and may be able to help you diagnose it. Support is free to registered users BTW.

  11. My personal preference may be bug free software later rather than buggy right away, but I still have a hard time understanding your stereotyped answer, Jim. After all, no one has any reason to buy Suitcase unless it’s for professional use and professionals need to use their software everyday. Just as I do a complete back-up my computers before doing any OS upgrade, I have also taken other habits over the years: installing it first on computers that aren’t mission critical and checking compatibility of mission critical software *before* I upgrade. I tend to be overcautious with my tools when they can affect my livelihood.

    All of this being said, you have to understand your customers. I bet they are mostly creatives who, by definition, try new stuff first. I have been using Suitcase on the Mac since the nineties and I wonder why a mature company with a presumably mature product sold at a not-cheap price point cannot find the resources to deliver a working product on day 1. We have been served this rationalization for too many years. Once? OK. Twice? maybe. But, every time? *My* customers would not take kindly that I’d serve them excuses instead of delivering.

    Now, I don’t advocate that you have pro paying customers do backward beta testing with a GP release like MS and (more recently) Adobe have. By the way, I wish you would have devoted more resources to deliver a Mavericks compatible version in time instead of Adobe’s defective CC rent-a-software. I appreciate that you want to ensure the best quality product, so I’m asking the question differently: What would it take for your company to deliver a quality product in a timely fashion?

    P.-S. In my book, you also earned points by responding to comments. Not so many companies do, nowadays despite the social media hype

  12. Claude,

    As I have indicated in other comments, we always build and test with final code from Apple and Adobe. While other software manufacturers may be OK building and releasing after only testing under beta code, we find that we build better products more efficiently with the process that we’ve established.

    Yes, I understand that people may want to upgrade their OS right away (especially when it’s a free update.) Yet, as your own processes indicate, this isn’t necessarily the best way to go about things (and is shortsighted) when it comes to across the board compatibility. While others may profess compatibility, there are frequently issues. We’ve seen this way too often, and err on the side of caution.

    Fonts specifically deal with our customer’s operating systems on such a low level that we would prefer to avoid messing up people’s workflow by pushing out a release before it’s ready. Most people have automatic updates turned on, and the risk is real for a disruption of workflow.

    In the end, we are always doing our best to ensure compatibility with the software that we interact with. Thanks.


  13. Strange comments here. Businesses that ‘depend on SuitCase 5’ (which is only needed if you use a lot of other complex software) and dare to upgrade within 24 hrs to a new operating system. Just be patient and wait for Mavericks 10.1 and your business is save. Including the guy a messed up his 68 fonts publication – never upgrade the first day!!!

  14. I agree that caution with upgrades is a good thing if you operate a business and I for one ought to have discovered that Suitcase Fusion 5 wasn’t ready for Mavericks. But I was involved in a project that benefitted a lot from being delivered in Mavericks/Keynote 6, so I made the jump. I finished the project in Suitcase 3, which worked in Mavericks, and yesterday I made the upgrade to version 5 hoping to resolve some other font issues. And now I sit here with Suitcase Fusion 5 crashing constantly and a fix several WEEKS away.

    I feel stupid, BUT in the months leading up to the Mavericks release, Extensis has quite aggressively marketed the need to upgrade, including emailing me that support for version 3 was ending. With so many emails pushing for an upgrade, I assumed that Extensis was ready. I just wish that one of these letters clearly could have stated “DON’T upgrade if you plan to move to Mavericks” before this or that date.

    Now, I’ll try to find a speedy way to downgrade to Suitcase 3.

  15. We send out update reminders to all registered users of Suitcase Fusion 5 when the update is available. I would also recommend turning on the “Check for updates automatically” feature in the preferences. This way you will always get notified when there is new software to download.

  16. Why is older versions of suitcase not compatible with Mavericks? I just upgraded my OS and the first thing i found out is my Suitcase Fusion 4 does not work. I am using suitcase everyday for my job.
    But to my surprise I made it work now and I can use Suitcase 4 with mavericks. Weird

  17. I too am so disappointed that a Mavericks compatible Fusion 5 is 3-4 weeks out. But I have patience and will wait. Mostly because I have no choice.

    I knew to have Suitcase automatically look for updates and had downloaded Fusion 5 as a demo before I upgraded from my current Fusion 4. I have since made the leap from F4 to F5 and it works SO much better with CS6 and Mountain Lion.

    I had a feeling that it might take a bit for Suitcase to catch up to the finally released Mavericks and for once was smart enough to hold off on my Mavs update. As a working and busy designer my hold off has avoided any work delays, but what about my fellow designers who didn’t like the ones above? I totally get wanting to update to the shiny new OS ASAP, but I feel like I dodged a bullet by being diligent and patient. I will update my current Mac to Mavericks AND purchase a new Mac when I know all of my utilities and apps will work together with Mavericks and play nice.

    Claude Dubois, I’m just wondering what Jim Kidwell said for you to accuse him of giving a “stereotyped” answer. I’m sitting here scratching my head . . . perhaps you used the wrong word?

    I couldn’t agree with Bicycle more . . . be patient and NeVeR, nEvEr, NEVER upgrade on the first day especially those of you with multi-computer/designer shops.

    Like the rest of you I am feeling frustrated and conflicted and as much as I want the new Mavericks, I just can’t live without my Suitcase and cannot afford to be down for even a minute . . . OK I’ll say it . . . I LOVE SUITCASE!

    {FontBook can bite me}

  18. I installed Mavericks as soon as it came out and I just installed the demo version of Suitcase (I already own Suitcase Fusion 12.1.7 and I was tired of having to go to the program to activate because auto-activation wasn’t working in my Adobe 5.5). So far it has worked and auto activated my InDesign document so I’m hoping it will continue to. I’ll keep the old version on my laptop and wait to see if I want to buy it when you release the Mavericks version – for now it seems fine though.

  19. Soooo my brand new iMac works with Suitcase. Luckily. But not my MacBook Pro. I am heading to a conference next week and need to take my laptop… I am dependent on Suitcase… hoping this is resolved by Tuesday… What is the work around?

  20. Just bought the Suitcase 5 (16.0.4) Upgrade. It crashes immediately when trying to start the program. I’ve done everything in the “Suitcase Fusion 5 recommendations for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)”. See no other way than to re-install Suitcase 3…(sic!). Any clues?

  21. Suitcase 5 (16.0.4) is crashing for me as well. The Suitcase window loads for about 6 seconds then crashes. I have uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled and condition remains.

  22. I’m also reporting that v16.0.4 will not run under Mavericks. the app launches and crashes after about 5 seconds. I have uninstalled/restarted/reinstalled/restarted several times with the same result. Very disappointing to see that Extensis is not posting any guidance for customers.

  23. Hi Jon,

    Until our update for Mavericks (10.9) goes live, very soon, Portfolio Sever will not catalog files correctly when ran on the Mac 10.9 Server.

  24. We’re past 3 weeks and nearly through the 4th week since this post and the promise of a Suitcase Fusion update for Mavericks compatibility in “3-4 weeks.” Is that release imminent?

  25. I just stumbled upon this page, and can’t believe how many people are whining at Extensis. Everone should know to wait awhile before updating a production machine with a major OS revision. Instead of pointing fingers at Extensis regarding issues with a new OS, look in the mirror to see who really caused the issues. Sure, update your OS on a non-critical computer, if you feel the need to play with a new OS right after launch. But always wait for kinks to be worked out, and software to be updated, BEORE making a major change to a production computer. Crying to Extension about your issues is silly.

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