A Green(er) Apple

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As Amanda blogged last month, Apple didn’t do so hot in a report (pdf download) put out by Greenpeace ranking electronics companies on their “green”ness.

Well recently Steve replied to some of the charges against Apple by “some environmental organizations”. I know there is probably a certain amount of spin in this article, but if the facts are what he says they are, it sounds like Greenpeace some environmental organizations were looking for ways to harsh on Apple.

I thought it was interesting to read this article, but more importantly, this is the second time some sort of letter/announcement/statement from His Steveness has been posted on Apple’s site and I’m not entirely convinced that Hot News is the place to put it. Why not give him his own place to put rantings and such? CEOs from other companies are bloggers too so why not give Steve his own blog?

And while you’re at it, acknowledge the Apple Fanboys/girls at the same time. Call it The Stevenote.

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One comment on “A Green(er) Apple

  1. Come on, if you’re Greenpeace and you’re going to start a campaign about computer manufacturers making greener products, would you start with Toshiba or Dell or Apple? I’m nothing to do with Greenpeace, but can see if you take a swipe at Apple and they make environmental moves, the rest will copy.

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