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A free update to our flagship font manager, Suitcase Fusion 4 (v15.0.3) is now available.

This update adds a font auto-activation plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS6 to the list of applications supported by Suitcase Fusion 4, in addition to some optimizations for Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).

NOTE: You may have already been notified of this update via the auto-update feature within Suitcase Fusion 4.

To download via the “Check for Updates” feature:

  1. Launch Suitcase Fusion 4
  2. Choose Suitcase Fusion 4 > Check for Updates (Mac) or Tools > Check for Updates (Windows)
  3. Download and install the update.

To download directly:

  1. Download the latest installer from the Suitcase Fusion 4 Support page.
  2. The new version can be installed directly on top of the previous version.

Install the new plug-ins using the Plug-in manager by:

  1. Choose Suitcase Fusion 4 > Manage-Plug-ins (Mac) or Tools > Manage Plug-ins (Windows)
  2. Enable plug-ins for supported applications.

See this list for full product compatibility information.

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15 comments on “Suitcase Fusion 4 font auto-activation plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS6 now available

  1. It’s been necessary for me to disable the new update/activation for Photoshop. It makes Photoshop crash all the time. I was really looking forward to this one… Hopefully you make a solution quickly, thank you.

  2. My Photoshop is also now crashing every time I try to save a file. When I disable the PS CS6 plugin in Suitcase, it fixes the problem.

  3. Similar for me. Photoshop CS6 (Mac OSX Lion) no longer saves as quickly but instead hangs for several seconds. This behaviour began after installation of Suitcase Fusion 4 (including update v15.0.3). Very very unfortunate.

  4. March 1, 2013 – I’ve had nothing but Photoshop crashes on SAVE since I installed Fusion 4 4 days ago. I have disabled the plug-in and cleared my cache using Terminal many times now. Using Mac OSX 10.8.2. Have also cleared PS prefs. What to do?

  5. Yes, you can go into the Manage Plug-ins menu. Suitcase Fusion > Manage Plug-ins and install/remove plug-ins from your various professional design applications there.

  6. Hello Extensis, I have Photoshop CS6 (13.0.4) problems with SF4 (15.0.5 (515)). I have identified that it is very much like the bugs that occurred before with SF3, when a Mac goes into sleep mode. Basically if my Mac (Mountain Lion) goes to sleep and then I wake it Photoshop and SF4 will not activate correctly until I completely restart – very frustrating. I feel like I’m back working on a PC again… (hehehe, just kidding PC users) Any thoughts team Extensis? Cheers James

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