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SF5-AdobeCloudExtensis is committed to providing the best support possible for Adobe professional design applications. The following is our support plan for Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Please check back for updates.

UPDATED INFO BELOW – September 9, 2015

Suitcase Fusion

  • Suitcase Fusion 6 plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud on OS X and Windows are now available. Use the check for updates feature in Suitcase Fusion to download the update, or download the update from the Suitcase Fusion Support page.

Universal Type Server


  • There are no known issues with files generated by Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 file types when cataloged by Portfolio.

DAM Best Practices Guide

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79 comments on “Extensis support for Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

  1. thank you extensis for posting this! Adobe update now automatically deletes the old programs so now I’m stuck without auto-activation- ugh! hopefully the extensions will come as quick as they did last time…

  2. This is not fast enough. You should have been working with Adobe to time this release. We all pay premium fees for this stuff and expect it to be painless on our end as a consequence. Not happy with this at all.

  3. Will this fix include Suitcase Fusion 5 plugins or do we have to upgrade to the latest Fusion version each time Adobe update their suite?

  4. I’m interested in your product, but only with Adobe CC 2015 compatibility.

    Can I get notified when this is completed or do I have to keep checking back?

    Possible New Customer

  5. Please speed this up, it is making my job extremely difficult. I bought Suitcase Fusion 6 specifically for the auto activation with Adobe products, now the one thing I really need your program to do does not work. This is poor planning on someones part at your company.

  6. Hi Dave, We are developing plug-ins for our current products, which is Suitcase Fusion 6 and Universal Type Server 5. So to get the updated plug-ins, you’ll need the current versions. Thanks.

  7. Hi Rob. Yes, we are working quickly to get good plug-ins out the door as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned. We just got the last Photoshop API drop when Adobe launched CC22015, so we need to ensure that everything works well across the board. Thanks for your patience.

  8. Hi Richard. We are working quickly to get this done. If you purchase and install Suitcase Fusion 6 now, we do have an auto-update feature that will automatically download the newest version that includes CC2015 plug-ins when it’s available. That’s the best that I can do for you right now. I do promise that these plug-ins are on their way. Thanks.

  9. Hi Craig. We work with the myriad of teams at Adobe to get the latests code to develop against before release. Of course Adobe has the right to change their software up until release time, and they often do so. That being said, yes, we do develop against their pre-release code. We got many API updates the week prior and same date as CC2015 released. To ensure that we’ve got it right and squashed bugs that could cause you even more time, we don’t want to put something out before it’s ready. Thanks for your patience.

  10. The CS6 Suite still works with Suitcase, the apps are still available for download, available under your current license and works as good as ever! I propose a boycott of CC until Adobe backs off on the forced updates. When you depend on all of your apps to work in unison every day, it destroys efficiency to have even one out of sync. I would prefer (and usually do) to work with an “out of date” application than be hobbled by the latest cool gadget.

  11. Are you serious that you will not be providing updated auto-activation for Fusion 5? That is unbelievable and, if memory serves, the first time that you will not be providing backwards compatibility.

  12. One of the reasons I purchased Suitcase was because of the auto-activation feature. Since buying it, I can’t imagine being without Extensis. This product is truly one of the best to have as a designer. We live in an age where everything is needed ASAP and people expect things to “just work”. So I can understand the frustration of some people…but come on! Extensis is a great company that puts a lot of work into their products. Yes, while I patiently wait for an update, I’m going to have to manually activate the fonts for my projects, which adds an additional 1-2 minutes of time to my project. But it’s better than the alternative of having a product that isn’t being actively updated. Extensis has always done great at releasing updates to support other products, and this one shouldn’t prove any different! Thanks, Extensis, for taking the time to make sure when you push an update that everything works as expected!

    A Very Happy Customer!

  13. So…can I assume that all upgrades of CC are will now mean that we have to pay Extensis for an upgrade? Seems I just bought Suitcase 5.

  14. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since Adobe CC 2015 was released. You really need to have a serious talk with them so their plugin interface its “locked” for a month or so before their actual release, so all plugin developers can be ready at the time of the release. 3 weeks seems like an awful long time for a plugin that connects into their API.

    Many of us are eager to update but have to hold on because the plugins are not ready yet (or worst, they updated and loose the functionality that the plugins provided). Its the plugin developer the one that gets blamed, not Adobe.

    Do you have an approximate date for the plugin update? I see your competence already have plugins in place.

  15. Hi Jim Kidwell.

    Please can you email a notification to me as soon as you release the auto font plugin. Save me checking here 10 times a day.
    Thanks a lot. Andy

  16. Alex,

    Wish that we had that kind of pull with Adobe to have them “lock down” everything that could affect us, but it’s just not the case. Adobe has a huge marketshare and they want to clearly build the best products for their users as well. We just do the best that we can to respond as quickly as possible with the code given to us.

  17. Jess, we always do updates for the most current version of Suitcase Fusion. Version 6 came out over 8 months ago, and Version 5 more than a year prior to that. With all of the OS and app changes, we’ve got to adapt and update software to fix it to work. These are costs that are built into your CC2015 subscription, but since we aren’t subscription, our engineers need to be able to buy food somehow!

  18. A few of our studio teams can’t ‘live’ without your product Extensis.They’re huge fans. Please will you include may email address in your daily/weekly update notifications – I’m assuming a release is imminent.

  19. Wayne, the official notifications will come out for each product, by OS as they are available. Suitcase Fusion for OS X is available today. Others forthcoming. Thanks!

  20. So excited that the software with updated plug-in’s became available today. BUT, there are definitely bugs. Twice today I got an error message saying that Type Core needs to shut down and then Suitcase quits. 🙁

  21. It’s amazing how long Extensis needed to respond to CC 2015. I will advise any user of Suitcase and do not buy too frequent annual upgrades from Suitcase.

  22. Hi Jim,
    Is there any information in regards an approximate release date for the Adobe CC 2015 plugins for Windows? Will it be the coming days, weeks or months? Really would like to know or have some idea of a release date, approximate or otherwise.

  23. Klinsky, This was a free update to Suitcase Fusion. I’m not sure that I understand your concern about purchasing upgrades…

  24. Sorry Jim, I have paid for the upgrade (Jan 2015) Fusion 5 (from v15 +) Upgrade to 6. Six months later, Extensis is unable to give a date for the Windows plugins after 2 months CC 2015. This is no longer acceptable to me!

  25. I’m reading that correctly? There will be no auto-activation plugin provided for Version 5 and Adobe CC15?

  26. Here we are 10 days later (from the last comment and over a month since the release) and still nothing for windows??

  27. Hi Jim, any news yet on the fix for Windows plugins please? Been nearly 2 weeks since the last post. I’ll be upgrading from SF5 once the fix is confirmed working. Like most on here, I’m relying on the plugin as part of my workflow, so still relying on SF5 / CC2014 with working plugin until then. Thanks.

  28. Jim,
    Why not release individual plugins as they are completed? These could be manually installed by those of us that are more “technical”.

  29. Jim,

    Is there any plans for suitcase 7 soon? We are operating v5 right now, and we’d hate to upgrade to v6 (8 months old as you mentioned) if the v7 may be coming out in Q3 or Q4. We’d rather skip the v6 and move into a longer supported version when it is released. Any indication if it can be speculated would be helpful, thanks.

  30. Chris, We are also working on features for SF7, but don’t have an official timeframe for public release just yet. Sorry I can’t be of more help there.

  31. Where can I find the plugin updates for Universal Type Client5? I just updated to CC2015 and need to let my IT guys know where or how to update my plugins.

  32. This would have been nice to know before I bought it! Your web page says nothing about the fact that you are not currently compatible with the most recent version of Adobe CC. This is really bad form if you ask me.

  33. Any news on the update for Universal Type Client? It’s been several weeks since you released the SF update, but UTC users are paying a lot more money for their font management software.

  34. Cathy, we have a product support page that details which plug-ins are currently supported for each product. Check the Resources page for each product, or look to the Support page for each product. Sorry if there was any confusion. We’re working hard to get new plug-ins out soon.

  35. Is this still happening for CC 2015 windows? Or do i need to buy another product?

  36. It’s August, Windows Plugin Month!

    How about an update on the Auto-activation plugin for Windows? We’ve been waiting long enough. What is the hold up?

  37. Hi Paul, We’re getting there. Soon, very soon. Just got out updates for Universal Type Server and Universal Type Client supporting Adobe CC2015 and QuarkXPress 2015. Windows versions on the way!

  38. Will there be any plugins released to support UTC 4 to support font auto activation? If so, is there an ETA?

  39. Kim, we only build new features for the current version of the product. In your case, that would be UTC 5. If you have a current Annual Service Agreement, this is a free update from UTC 4. Ensure that your server has been upgraded to version 5 prior to upgrading your clients.

  40. Wow still can believe there is no update for Adobe CC 2015… You would think Adobe had re-written their products. This is quickly becoming a “don’t recommend” product due to the lack of timely support.

  41. Bob, We do our best to be open with the community about our development timelines. Mac plug-ins are already released. Windows are on their way and will be available in the coming weeks. Thanks.

  42. Who do you sell more of your product to: Mac users or Windows users?
    Seems to me Windows plug-ins should have gotten priority, and should have been done before Mac rather than the other way around simply because there are more people using Windows.
    Am I wrong?

  43. Dear extensis,

    we upgraded to Suitcase 6 cause we thought V.5 is outdated. But even 6 does not work. Furthermore just activating in suitcase does not work every time. Sometimes you have to restart programs or even reboot the computer.

    We are not amused, that you need “months” to clear this problem. In months Adobe releases version 2016. We payed for suitcase and all of us think, that you have to deliver soon.

    best regards

  44. Hi Wally, The vast majority of our font management users work on Mac OS X. Windows is definitely an up-and-coming OS in the design world, but is by a large margin the minority. That being said, all of our customers are important to us and we want to get updates out as quickly as possible. Stay tuned. Thanks!

  45. Jim, interesting article at
    I think you’ll find PC’s have been commonplace workhorses in the design community for several decades rather than an “up-and-coming OS in the design world”. I and my colleagues trained and continue to work on both Mac & PC. We all prefer PC. But for many unjustifiably shallow reasons PC’s are still wrongly looked down upon by many in the design community. Thank clever Apple marketing, social pressures, elitism and many other unsubstantial reasons for their continued dominance. Performance wise they’re very much equal if not better in some things. Maybe its about time bigger companies like Extensis started to give them more equal weight instead on continuing to propagate that myth.

  46. Hi Dave. Thanks for your thoughts. Personally, I work on many platforms – OS X, Windows 7, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and sometimes Linux. We understand the multiple platform issues well, and do our best to treat them equally. Yet, where decisions need to be made, we follow what our customers are telling us by how many of each platform people buy. And in this case, it is OS X in the design world. Windows is coming soon. Thanks again for checking back.

  47. How about an update on the availability of auto-activation for Windows? It’s been an unusually long wait.

    This original post was made on 6/16/2015. It is now 8/10/2015. The “coming weeks” is no longer accurate or acceptable.

  48. Hi Paul. I’ve been updating the blog post as we go along. We are very close to getting Windows plug-ins & Windows 10 compatibility. Thanks for your patience.

  49. I paid to upgrade from Suitcase Fusion 5 to Suitcase Fusion 6 for the sole reason of Auto-Activation plugin-in for the latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud (which was the the same reason I paid for an upgrade from Suitcase Fusion 4 to 5 previously). Auto-activation plugins are STILL not available for Windows. Now, to add insult to injury, I find out Fusion 6 isn’t compatible with Windows 10! So not only do I not have access to the plug-ins that I purchased the upgrade for, but now I can’t even upgrade my OS to the latest version. I understand a Windows 10 compatible update will “be coming”, but if the amount of time it’s taking to get Auto-Activation plugins is any indication, I’m not holding my breath. I’m getting tired of putting money into upgrading a product every year to use the same features that I’ve always used, and have that same product be the reason why I can’t upgrade my Adobe Products, or now even my OS.

  50. Anyone notice a pattern here? They do this all the time. New Adobe upgrade, new mandated upgrade of Suitcase if you want auto-activation. They say they wont support it, so you upgrade, only to find out that they eventually make a plug in for the older version anyway. They’ll tell you they wont support it, only because they want to get the people who really need auto-activation to pay up. Once they get all the upgraders they can, they satisfy the hold outs. So tired of this.

  51. How about an update on the availability of auto-activation for Windows 7? I don’t care about Window 10. I was forcred to upgrade to the latest version of UTS to have auto-activation, but it’s STILL not available. Let’s have a realistic release date please. The “coming weeks” is no longer accurate or acceptable.

    This original post was made on 6/16/2015. It is now 8/19/2015.

  52. Paul, a Universal Type Client 5 update for Adobe CC 2015 is in final testing and should be released in the next week. Thanks for your patience.

  53. August 19, 2015: “Paul, a Universal Type Client 5 update for Adobe CC 2015 is in final testing and should be released in the next week. Thanks for your patience.”

    Jim, this is what you said on August 19, next week has come and is long gone. How about an update? We are gearing up for our busy season and we need to plan for updates, come on now. This was old a month ago.

  54. Hi Jim, I have been waiting since June for the Plugins for InDesign for UTC for CC 2015. Originally we were told the update would come out in August, then according to your last post on August 19 it said “next week”… Well not only 1 week has passed but 2 and still no update. At this point we urgently need to update our designers, can we get a realistic date for the next UTC 5 Windows update?

  55. Hi Rafael & Paul. We were all set to release the plug-ins then we ran into a bug that affects computers that use Nvidia graphics cards (it was diagnosed by our Suitcase Fusion users who also ran into the issue on Windows.) We prefer to fix as many issues as possible prior to releasing this into the wild. Thanks for your patience. We want to get these right for you.

  56. Jim, It’s been another week since your last post on the NVIDIA bug. How about an update on the release date of the Windows version of the auto-activate plug-in for CC 2015? We’ve been waiting since June.

  57. Paul, the UTC update went up yesterday. You should have gotten an update email. Download and run the installer to get it. CC 2015, Windows 10, etc. support included.

  58. Dear Jim, I just installed Fusion 6 with the trial installer, file name is “Suitcase Fusion 6 v17.2.0.exe”. The NVIDIA hang bug is still exists on PS, is there any solution to get rid of it? Thanks!

  59. I updated Adobe CC today and Suitcase 6 isn’t working anymore. I mean, I can open Suitcase and it says the plug-ins are functioning correctly but when I open Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, the fonts aren’t showing up.

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