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Fonts are critical to all steps in the publishing process. They can also be the source of major headaches, as having incorrect fonts can quickly derail automated processes and pull resources away from critical tasks.

Which is why we are thrilled to announce we have released the next version of FontLink, our module for Universal Type Server that delivers fonts for documents in automated publishing workflows that use Adobe® InDesign Server®. FontLink 1.1 offers a direct integration for companies using vjoon K4, the globally renowned cross-media publishing platform used by publishers across the world.

The New FontLink Is Here; Join The Webcast

With this integration, customers can incorporate font management into their publishing workflows and eliminate the problems fonts can inflict upon the automated process.

FontLink solves the font management problem by easily plugging-in to any automated, multi-channel publishing workflow by:

  • Speeding up document processing
  • Ensuring the correct fonts with Font Sense technology
  • Easily integrating into your existing content management system
  • Delivering real-time alerts with any issues

The New FontLink Is Here; Join The Webcast

To learn more about FontLink, click here.

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