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Adobe CC

UPDATED: New Suitcase Fusion 5 and Universal Type Server 4 installers now available. More info below.

Adobe released new versions of their Creative Cloud applications on June 18, 2014. These applications run side-by-side with previous versions of their CC apps.

Extensis Font Manager Compatibility

On June 25th, we are proud to release updates to Suitcase Fusion 5 and the Universal Type Client 4 that now include plug-ins and in-application font panels for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 applications.

To install the update to Suitcase Fusion 5:

To install the update to the Universal Type Client:

Important Note about Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

Adobe implemented a new technology for building font panels within Photoshop CC 2014. We are building new panels that work with this new technology and expect to release an update to Suitcase Fusion 5 and the Universal Type Client this summer.

Font auto-activation for Photoshop CC 2014 is not affected, only the panel is delayed slightly.


Extensis Digital Asset Management Compatibility

There are currently no known issues with Extensis Portfolio cataloging file types created by Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 applications.


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33 comments on “Extensis Compatibility with
Adobe CC 2014

  1. You’re putting *FINAL* touches on new versions of the plugins but we have to wait *WEEKS* to get them? So in the meantime, Suitcase Fusion is next to useless for Adobe CC 2014. *SMH*

  2. Brad, we’re glad that you find the auto-activation plug-ins critical to your workflow. To ensure the best compatibility, we always fully test with final shipping product before releasing our plug-ins. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Brad – Shouldn’t this testing take place before final shipping product? That way you insure your product isn’t, as one user put it, USELESS while you fully test and provide a solution with the coming WEEKS.

  4. “To ensure the best compatibility, we always fully test with final shipping product before releasing our plug-ins.”

    Can’t you ‘not’ do that? I don’t mind dealing with a beta release until you’re happy with your golden master. CC basically updates automatically now.

    I’ve had to do a reinstall of my system and I’m stuck with CC’14 whether I like it or now.

    Taking a few weeks to fine tune software that you’ve had developer access to for months is a luxury we don’t have.

  5. Don’t you get candidate releases before? This is the kind of update you should have the day CC 2014 is released…

  6. Thanks for your comments. Yes, we are always working with pre-release builds from Adobe. It’s important to note that Adobe has every right to change their software up until it’s made public. We want to ensure that the plug-ins that we release work well and don’t inadvertently cause problems with your workflow. Thanks for your patience. It will be soon.

  7. Hi Jim,
    I understand the diligence on Extensis’ part, and wanting to release the best product possible. However, not releasing at least a Beta version that worked with the last pre-release version has itself “inadvertently caused problems with my workflow”. I understand the risks involved with PR by releasing a Beta product, but I would suggest the risks of having to wait an extra couple of weeks for a ‘finalized’ version outweigh those potential PR risks. Can I ask what happens if a week from now Adobe releases an update to their CC 2014 software? Do you then have to reset your testing with that particular version leaving us hanging for another “couple of weeks”?

  8. Hi Kraeg. It’s typically when there are major architecture changes by Adobe that the plug-ins are affected. Minor releases mostly don’t affect us, but when they do, we do need time to adequately test and release our updates. Right now we don’t have a beta program of the type that you suggest for plug-ins, but I’ll take it to the developers and see what they think about that. Thanks again for your patience.

  9. Adobe should be more collaborative with the companies that make essential plug-ins for their products, especially you guys! The final release minus one shouldn’t be that different from the final.

    I’m more and more suspicious of the big boys — you name ’em: Adobe, Google, etc. They want you tied to them only. I could probably solve it all with Typekit, but would surely eventually need a subscription. More $ for them. More frustration for us.

    Call me cynical. 😉

  10. Weeks? Astute graphics got their whole range 2014 compatible plugins released to the public in two days, and theirs have a much deeper integration into the Adobe software.

  11. Do not throw away your old versions yet.

    I think it is important to note that in this update Adobe opted to leave the old version in place.

    Call me old-fashioned, but given such an obvious opportunity, I would test the new environment before jumping to such a new version.

    This is the pain of major updates. If your workflow is anything like mine, this particular update is not pain free. It has happened before, and it will happen again.

    Let’s hope that this font issue is the least of our worries with this major update. But for sure, do not throw away your old versions.

  12. @ Jim Kidwell

    Hey Jim

    I don’t mind waiting a bit to ensure my software works properly – I remember many instances over the years where rushed updates were disastrous.

    But there is a systemic issue in the industry that needs to be addressed (and it’s not one fully under your control).

    These days, a day rarely goes by when one major company or another isn’t updating. It means we’re never in a stable work state, and this costs the industry a lot of money.

    I just finished updating to Mavericks, the most recent version of Adobe CC, and Suitcase 5. Now, two days later, I accept the update of Adobe CC 2014, and I ‘m back without auto font activation

    So, of course, the advice is to go back to the earlier version of Adobe CC, and this is what I’ll do.

    But there comes a time when these update workarounds from different companies all crash into each other and professional users are left without a working solution. It’s chaotic, like the days in industry before standardized sizes.

    I’d really like to see a push among vendors to work together so we’re not constantly in a state of flux.

    This isn’t primarily in Extensis hands, but I’d like to see you and other ancillary vendors raise their voices publicly to the big guys – it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.



  13. Thank the Gods I did not remove CC when I updated to CC 2014… But all things considered: Extensis dropped the ball big time. Saying it will take “weeks” to release an update is a rather nebulous statement. Perhaps an update email saying “Hey, Suitcase users, Adobe is upgrading their software. We are working on an update to ours, so hold off until upgrading until we get ours right…” That would have saved a lot of time for your customers and not have them irate at Extensis. A little proactive PR can go a long way.

  14. I agree – I’m stuck in some HOT WATER right now since I did delete the old version. I’m in need of a fix!!

  15. Ummm, last time I checked, this is the standard procedure for every major update. Anyone who is surprised that they have to wait for the auto-activate plug-ins needs to just chill out. It’s been this way for the last 5 major updates (at least) and every time, this message board lights up with people saying they can’t believe Extensis doesn’t roll out their plug-ins the day of, or just a couple days after the release, or a “beta” version of the plug-in. And those people would be the first to complain when the beta version crashed their Adobe software, slowed it down, or didn’t work properly. It’s called patience people. Run CC for another week or two OR run CC 2014 and activate the fonts manually until the plug-ins are released!

  16. Just installed the Adobe 2014 plug-ins.

    Quick and painless.

    Working well so far.



  17. Well it wasn’t that long a wait after all was it? Downloaded CC 2014 yesterday. Tonight the Suitcase Fusion update is released. Praise where praise is due.

  18. Yay! Thank you! I feel sorry for earlier negative comment now, but the word you used “weeks” scared me :p

  19. Ok, not sure if I’m missing something but in Photoshop CC there was an Extensis panel with Google fonts showing, that I no longer have in the new CC2014 version. I’ve downloaded & installed all the latest installs & run/ restarted etc, I’ve “managed plugins” in Suitcase fusion 5 to make sure the correct PS 2014 plugin in ticked etc & I have the Extensis menu in photoshop under File/Automate/ . OK, so “Adobe implemented a new technology for building font panels within Photoshop CC 2014”. Am I still supposed to see that old panel in my Window/ Extensions menu or am I missing something everyone else now has/ seeing? Has this panel been merged with something else like the Character panel? I’m all confused, I just want access to Google fonts as I had in CC previously.

  20. Hi Dave. Yes, that’s the part that we’re working on. The link to Google Fonts in Photoshop CC 2014 will return when the panel is updated this summer. The auto-activation features do exist (File > Automate > Extensis) in Photoshop CC 2014. Thanks for your patience.

  21. I love to see if extensis can add some functionality (plug-in auto-activation) of suitcase fusion to adobe premiere cc 2014. i do alot of titles on video. thanks.

  22. Auto activation with the new release isn’t working with Illustrator CC 2014. I still have to manually activate the fonts in a layout.

  23. I had a huge headache with the last update where all my icons in suitcase disappeared and I couldn’t access manage plug-ins. Thankfully that is now fixed.


    The auto-activation is still not working correctly and now I’m having to shut down indesign cs6 every time I want to load a new font.

    I’ve been using suitcase for over 10 years and this is possibly the worst of them all in terms of bugs.

    Its time to look at this software from the ground up me thinks instead of building on what has gone before and adding updates.

  24. It amazes me at how impotent all of these people view their own work and never stop complaining about the bugs in new releases and how often it occurs. Yet continue to implement new releases of business critical software and then flip out when it doesn’t work flawlessly the first day. You want them to make everything work perfectly with final releases of Adobe software that they don’t even have access to until they are released.

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