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Universal Type Server server-based font management softwareWe hear funny things on the phone all the time around here. Typically it’s when people know what they want, but just aren’t sure what to call it. When we introduce a new product, such as Universal Type Server, we hear all sorts of things when people request information about it.

Here are a few of the names that people have used to refer to our client/server font management software, Universal Type Server:

  • Universal Type Library
  • Universal Type Manager Server
  • UPS…errr…I mean UTS
  • Universal Typesetter
  • Fusion Server
  • Suitcase Fusion Server
  • UTS (pronounced as a word, “uh-tss”)
  • Your new “font thingy”
  • UTA
  • Open Type Server
  • Universal Type Font Server (UTFS)
  • and just simply, “Universal”

For the record, “Universal Type Server” is the preferred nomenclature, though “Type Server” will do if you want to pare down your use of extra syllables.

Want to check out our new “font thingy?”

Fireworks Typography

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Huge tower of fireworks at a stand in Vancouver WashingtonPeople in the US love their fireworks on July 4th. For some that means going to a professional fireworks show, yet others prefer to take the risk and create their own show. I happen to fall in the later category (ask any of my friends) and have a good time selecting and creating my own fireworks display.

Since it can be difficult to determine what the actual firework will look like when it’s lit, firework companies tend to make the packaging as out there as possible to draw people to their product. This includes some pretty “interesting” product names and use of typography.

I stopped by a stand in Vancouver, Washington last week to check out what was available – and it was quite an experience. Check out the tower of Roman Candles to the right – it must be about 25 feet high!

Here’s just a selection of the many flammable products. I think that the snowboarding penguin is my favorite. Nothing says “Happy Independence Day” like a flaming penguin!

Penguins and fireworks - a match made in heaven

I wonder if the band Deep Purple was consulted over this one?

I think of 80s heavy metal bands when I see High VoltageI bet that the Twitter Glitter sounds nothing like a songbird

Megatron 3 was the third in the series

Minefield was one of the many military themed fireworks

Apparently at Redneck Parties we burn down the house

Totally Jacked is from the makers of \'Pro\' - somehow I\'m not comforted

Yes, you can buy flaming happiness!

Not Halloween yet, but scary stuff was about a foot tall

The triple whammy looks a bit like a castle

More heavy metal looking type here

The Big Finish is over a foot in diameter - that\'s big.

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Universal Type Server gets a perfect score for font management from IT EnquirerI’ve posted links over to the publishing technology site IT Enquirer from time to time. They do good in-depth reviews of software, technology and publishing workflows.

Well, I’m proud to say that IT Enquirer just published a review of Universal Type Server and it got a perfect score of five out of five!

While Type Server may have only been on the market for a few weeks, it’s good to see that it’s being well received. We worked long and hard to bring a quality product to market, and I’m glad to see that others recognize the results.

If you’d like to take it for a spin, Universal Type Server Lite runs in demonstration mode for 30 days. Download it over at the Extensis website.

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I left my Blackberry smart phone at home this morning. I was nearly into the office by the time I realized what I had done, making it futile to double-back for a rescue. It’s now more than an hour later and I still feel lost, even though I’m fully plugged in and have phone, email and internet access here at my desk.

We all seem to have our vices in this electronic age, it could be an MP3 player, a Wii, or perhaps a digital camera. My sister for example has a constant blue blinking light attached to her ear. I can’t recall a time I’ve seen her in the last three years without her Bluetooth.

What about software? Do you have software on your system that you find indispensible? Digital photography and computer photo illustration guru, Jim DiVitale has two:

“If you told me I could have only two software programs on my computer, I would give up everything I have except Adobe Photoshop and Extensis Portfolio. They are the only two programs I can’t live without.”

Jim DiVitale uses Extensis PortfolioJim’s photography has been featured in all the leading photography/creative publications from Professional Photographer to Print Magazine. He is also a favorite lecturer and presenter at events including Photoshop World, Seybold, PhotoPlus Expo, HOW Design Conference and American Society of Media Photographers.

If you are interested in hearing what Jim has to say about digital imaging (and perhaps how he uses Extensis Portfolio), you can attend his 3-day workshop in Atlanta at the end of this month. He will also be conducting a multi-city, Adobe sponsored tour across Canada this August. It would be worth your while to check him out if you have the opportunity.

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Extensis parners with Equilibrium to create digital asset management magic

Yesterday we announced a strategic partnership with Equilibrium. This is a great thing for the development of both Extensis and Equilibrium product lines.

If you’ve been playing with digital files for years, you’ve likely already used Equilibirium Debabelizer for image conversion and processing. Back in my days of working with media to create children’s edutainment (that’s a word, isn’t it) Debabelizer was an invaluable tool that we used to sample, create a common color palette and process images. I couldn’t have done my job without it.

The Power of Equilibirum Mediarich Server coming to Extensis PortfolioThese days, Equilibrium has added powerful media processing software to their product line. Equilibrium’s Mediarich Media Server technology offers powerful digital asset processing. This means that you can have any asset in any format when and where you want it. Have a video? Need it to work on your laptop, cell phone and iPod? No problem.

It’s this powerful technology that will help us create a revolution in digital asset management with Extensis Portfolio. The possibilities for the integration of our technologies are vast. While I’m not at liberty to comment about the specific details of integration, I am excited about how this partnership will affect Portfolio, Portfolio Server and Portfolio NetPublish.

Will all of this happen next week? Of course not. It takes time to properly integrate the two technologies. All that I can say is to expect good things. Stay tuned to Manage This and the Extensis website for future developments.

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