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Here’s a nice little bit of viral marketing for Intel. You can create your own movie trailer by just entering a tiny bit of text.

This is the one that I whipped up for Universal Type Server in a few seconds. It makes Universal Type Server look like a futuristic space station that will save you from an impending meteor strike. In reality, it’ll help protect your workflow from rogue fonts and ensure that you’re always using the right typeface in that important document. Though, I think that I’ll request that we add a raygun feature to the next release, just in case.

Since the movie automatically plays, check it out after the jump.

[Tip of the hat to Marisela for the link to MySoftwareFilm.]

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Ignite Portland 3

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If you’ve been following this blog for long, you’ve probably seen that we’re happy to reach out into our local communities when possible. One of the ways that we’ve been doing that in Portland is by sponsoring a great event that’s attended by creative and techy types alike, and that’s Ignite Portland.

Ignite Portland 3 - speaking engagement

If you haven’t heard about it before, Ignite Portland is an event where people are invited to speak for five minutes on any topic that they desire. This has spanned the gamut from our very own Technical Support Lead Kelly Guimont’s talk about Pepper to interesting presentations on robots, starting a company, urban “wilding” and even an interesting overview of New York’s undercover police prostitute sting training.

The next event is this Wednesday at the Bagdad Theater in Portland. Presale tickets are all gone, yet there’s still space, so if you want to get into one of the hottest events in Portland, show up early on Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

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Wednesday we announced that Universal Type Server is now available for order on our site. The product will be released and ready for download in the coming week, but if you’re chomping at the bit to know what’s inside, we’ve created a series of videos.

The first video shows the Universal Type Client. This is where you add, remove, activate and manage your fonts.

The second video shows the first of two server administration interfaces. Both of which are accessed using a web browser. The first allows you to perform low-level server functions, such as backup and restore, port configuration and starting and stopping the server.

The final video shows the the other server administration web interface. This interface allows you to quickly add and configure users and workgroups. It’s here where you import users and configure how each user can utilize the system through permissions and settings. To help speed up the process you can configure roles that allow you to apply settings to many users at once.

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Universal Type Server font managment software for workgroups

Are you looking for a good solution for the font mess in your office? Are ascenders and descenders getting stuck in your sweater? Have your valued fonts been piling up in the corners, making it impossible for you and your co-workers to ever find and use the same font with the same document? Well, it just so happens that we make some fine client/server font managers that can help you clean up that mess.

Today we announced that our newest client/server font manager, Universal Type Server™, is now available for orders. If you’re looking for a font manager for your organization, take a moment to check out the Extensis website to see what Type Server has to offer. The client has a spiffy new interface, and the server is administered entirely through the web using a browser – quite handy for remote administration.

In addition to all of the info on our site, to help you understand how Universal Type Server works, we’ve created a number videos and posted them on YouTube, Viddler as well as the Extensis website.

As always, if you’ve got any questions, you can post a comment here, call our sales team, shoot us an email, stand on the street and yodel at our windows, etc.

TypeCon 2008

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TypeCon 2008 Punkt

The annual conference of all things type is rapidly approaching. If you want to be on the cutting edge of typeface development, this is the place to be.

Presented by the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) and held from July 15th to the 20th in upstate Buffalo, New York, it’s surely to be a great event.

If you have a items that you’d like to submit to the Type Gallery, the deadline for submissions is July 9th.

I have to say that this is typically one of my favorite events each year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be attending this year’s event. Make sure to pick up a couple of type sample books and spend a few minutes browsing the silent auction of typographic treasures for me.

Check out the TypeCon site for registration and hotel info.

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