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Extensis, a Celartem companySo, perhaps you’re interested in implementing a digital asset management system for your office. You know that you’d like to use a digital asset manager, like Extensis Portfolio, but aren’t sure how you’d like to implement the system. Will you utilize a third-party SQL database? How will you keyword and organize your files? Will you need an external website to access your files?

What you may know is that we at Extensis offer Integration and Consulting Services (ICS) to help you get up and running with a system that will work for you. We’ll help you answer all of those niggling questions, be they big or small, and then get you up and running. It’s in our mutual interest that you love your font management and digital asset management systems.

We provide professional services in both the US and UK. For complete details, please take a minute to check our services page, or call one of our corporate sales representatives at 1-800.796.9798 in the US, or +44 (0) 1604 654 270 in the UK.

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National Novel Writing Month - it’s November baby!Got some spare creativity gurgling around in your noggin? Oh perhaps you’ve just always wanted to flesh out that childhood fantasy of being the center of attention. What better way could there be to attract attention than to write your own novel?

November is National Novel Writing Month, and I recommend that you hop to it and sign up for the prestige, money and fame that inevitably comes with penning your own masterpiece. And while, it might not bring you all of the fame, prestige and money that you desire, you’ll at least have the ability to call yourself an official “novelist.”

If you’ve got an exttra 50,000 words bobbling around in your head. Drop them suckas down onto paper! Well, virtual paper at very least.

Sign up to be recognized for your efforts at

Thanks go to Priority Support Lead Matt Reinker for the heads-up.

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So, what’s going to be the hottest technologies for the upcoming year? It’s of course impossible for anyone to tell you with complete certainty, but the prognosticators over at Gartner have released their list of Top Strategic Technologies for 2008.

One item to note is the inclusion of Metadata Management in Gartner’s list:

Metadata Management. Through 2010, organizations implementing both customer data integration and product integration and product information management will link these master data management initiatives as part of an overall enterprise information management (EIM) strategy. Metadata management is a critical part of a company’s information infrastructure. It enables optimization, abstraction and semantic reconciliation of metadata to support reuse, consistency, integrity and shareability. Metadata management also extends into SOA projects with service registries and application development repositories. Metadata also plays a role in operations management with CMDB initiatives.

This incredibly dense block of text basically says that it’s important for you to use metadata to the best of your ability. Metadata is basically the little bits of identifying information contained within your files. For digital images this includes the F-stop, shutter speed, time of image capture, use of the flash, etc.

To take best advantage of this information contained in your files, use a technology that accesses and makes that information easy to see, like Extensis Portfolio. You can locate, track and update your files based upon this metadata. For example, locate all of the files taken on a specific date and time, then update and embed descriptions and keywords that match the specific project’s details.

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Russel Cheung - Extensis UK Conkers Tournament Winner!I know that you’ve all been following the buildup to the most anticipated competition of the year. No, I’m not talking about the upcoming baseball World Series. I’m talking about the Extensis UK Conkers Tournament!

Yes, that fabulous British childhood game of conkers has returned in full force to the Extensis UK office. If you’re from the US, and not familiar with conkers, might I suggest perusing the World Conkers Tournament site.

Basically, conkers is a game where each player finds a chestnut (aka “buckeye” to those from the US Midwest) and then drills a hole and threads a string through it. Each player then proceeds in turns to attempt to crack an opponent’s nut by swinging their nut at the opposing nut. The last nut to remain un-cracked wins.

Here are the results of the tourney:

Round 1:
Claire vs Alison – Claire Won!
Chris vs Richard – Richard Won!
Lars vs Russell – Russell Won!

Round 2:
Claire vs Richard – Claire Won!

Claire vs Russell – Russell Won!

All of the conkers turned out to be some tough nuts. Tourney participants Chris, Alison and Claire all suffered battle scars as multiple bruises on their arms.

Here are a few images from the tournament.

Claire and Russel - finalists in the Extensis Conkers tournament

Claire and Alison - How the game of conkers is played Chris Stevens shows off his Conkers technique

Lars gives it his all in the Extensis UK Conkers tournament Claire’s Conker’s collection - prematch

Richard and Chris and the results of the conkers tournament

Ignite Portland

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Ignite PortlandShort but sweet this week, because I’m jammed with coding.. phew! (Although I might do an extra post this afternoon)

Next Thursday Portland is going to have it’s very own Ignite talk – which is this: a bunch of fast paced, interesting presentations with one rule: 20 slides, 15 seconds each, and the slides advance themselves. Sign up at the Upcoming page. I’ve been told that we’re going to be one of the sponsors towards the expenses for the night.

It looks pretty cool, I’ll be there.. I’ll leave it up to you to google what I look like to find me. :)

Update: Jim makes a good point, the event now looks to be pretty full.. I’d say sign up, and get there early, hopefully some folks will decide not to show up (although if you aren’t going, update the invite).

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