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movie typo

I love Netflix. But I realize that the DVD economy has done an injustice to the designers who labor over the opening credits to a film. We are so are eager to get into the film that we often skip right past the good stuff- the stuff that sets the stage, begins the process of telling the story: the opening title sequence. 

I’ve defined a rule: If there is a genre that does this best, imo, it would be thrillers. Anything Alfred hitchcock, to be specific: Psycho, Vertigo, North By Northwest (Panic Room mimics this one a bit). 

And, while I firmly believe that the movies of generations past seemed to take more pride in this level of detail… Here are my picks for the best, should-be-award-winning opening typo sequences in recent years:

thanks for smoking3- ALIEN

2- Catch me if you can

1- Thank you for Smoking

I’ve admired them, so I just have to give the designers their due recognition.  Honorable mention goes to: Casino Royale.  Any other favorites out there?

Hot off the press…

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Helvetica DVDQuick link here… Gary Hustwit’s (dare I say “cult”?) film, HELVETICA, is coming to a DVD near you.

It will be released on November 6th, but you can place a pre-order on their site starting now. All hail Helvetica.

Update: Even cooler, if you feel like spending the $75, you’ll get extras: 3 letterpressed mini-posters, a still from the film signed by the director, two love/hate buttons, and a letter of metal Helvetica type.  There’s a few of us around the office considering getting out our credit cards for that.

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pantone.jpgWe spend a lot of time here talking about type and how selecting the right font can make or break your creative designs.  Another less discussed element designers must consider is color selection.

Thanks to those folks over at Pantone, this crucial design step just got a little bit more difficult. Pantone released its Fall 2007 Color Report earlier this year and according to Pantone the fall colors can be described as “complex and exotic…intriguingly unusual and inviting.” Since we are closing on the summer season soon it’s probably time to consider current color trends for fall.

I just love the vivid color names, although this latest color group sounds an awful lot like a menu selection.  This season we get spicy chili pepper, lemon curry and purple wine. We also get the less appetizing color choices of shale green and cashmere rose. My favorite new color is Stargazer — a deep shade of turquoise.

To create the seasonal report, Pantone surveys fashion designers to collect feedback on prominent collection colors, color inspiration, color philosophy, and designers’ signature shades. The Pantone Fashion Color Report then serves as a reference tool throughout the year for fashionistas and designers alike, as well as many trades.

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cws_765.gifIf you win a baseball game, someone might want a picture of your team. If your team happens to be the Chicago White Sox and you just won the 2005 World Series, everyone wants a picture. No one is more painfully aware of this fact than the marketing department behind the championship baseball team. After the big win, they were bombarded with photo requests from journalists, fans, advertising agencies, etc… Luckily for them, they already had a management system in place to ensure that all 30,000 images from the series were properly organized and instantly accessible.

An Extensis customer since 1999, the White Sox organization implemented of Portfolio as a solution for the team photographer to manage the hundreds of images collected during each game. Before long, Portfolio Server was installed, enabling dozens of additional users to access the photographs without requiring the photographer to spend time finding and manually filling those requests.

In addition to facilitating the internal distribution of images, Portfolio is also used for external distribution of images to partners, sponsors, and members of the press. Using Portfolio’s email feature, it is easy to email original files, or dynamically generate low-resolution preview files, directly from within the program. So when the requests started rolling in following the 2005 championship game, the marketing department was able to easily locate and then distribute any image within their catalog. *Whew!*

Let’s wrap this with a bit of trivia: I was curious what font the White Sox use in their logo (shown above) so I did a search and found one site that claims it is Old English….anyone know if that’s correct?

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declare yourselfI don’t know about you, but I never imagined that approximately 4 million 18-yr-olds would be newly eligible to vote in the 2008 election. By 2015, generation Y voters will make up 1/3rd of the electorate. That’s a group worth reaching out to early.

Declare Yourself is a national campaign to “energize and empower every eligible 18-year-old in America to register and vote in the 2008 presidential election.”

They recently launched a poster contest to further their cause. Since everyone has an opinion, go vote for your favorite poster, all of which are designed to get the ‘newly ordained’ involved. The site also has some other interesting features, like a comprehensive voting FAQ and the ability to register to vote in any state from the home page. Good design for a good cause.

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