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This weekend marks the 26th anniversary of the largest relay race in the world, and it just happens to pass through Extensis’ own backyard.

The Hood to Coast Relay Race includes 1,000 teams of 12 runners each and it starts just above the tree line at Mount Hood here in Oregon. The race stretches for 197 miles across the state ending in the coastal community of Seaside, Oregon.

Once again this year, Extensis is sponsoring a team made up of Extensis employees and friends. Our team’s name is (what else?) “Sweet Assets” and we started our long journey this morning at 9:00 am. If all goes well, we should be crossing the finish line sometime around 3:00 on Saturday afternoon. The elite teams are expected to finish in a mere 16 hours, but with Nike as a local Hood to Coast sponsor, I suppose that is to be expected.

Hood To Coast 2007 Team

Here’s a picture of the team that was taken in a parking garage, apologies for the super bright license plate behind Megan’s head.

We’ll post details and pictures on Monday once everyone has successfully made it back to Portland. Wish us luck!

If you are interested in seeing the Hood to Coast relay course check out the Google Earth map of the race.

Hood to Coast - course map

A Road To Clarity…

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I’ve been reading the New York times website a lot recently – mainly with my iPhone when traveling to and from work on the Max. I ran into this really great article about the quest by two guys – Don Meeker and James Montalbano – to fix the problems with the font currently being used by highway signs in the United States. In the end they came up with a font called ClearviewHwy. And it turns out you can actual buy the font, if.. well, if you wanted to play a practical joke with a neighbor perhaps…

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Did you miss TypeCon 2007 in Seattle this year? If so mark your calenders for July 15-20th of 2008 in Buffalo, New York. I imagine that we’ll have a presence there as we did this year in Seattle. Since you’ll be so close to my home country of Canada, feel free to cross the border and check it out.

You know, the more I work on this next generation font management software, the more I am getting into fonts – maybe I’ll start asking to go to some of these events.

A dummy no more

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dummy.jpgIf you are looking for a easy to navigate digital photography guide, check out Julie Adair King’s fifth edition of her extremely popular Digital Photo Projects for Dummies book published this summer by Wiley Publishing, Inc. Not only does this book offer numerous digital photography tips and tricks, but it also comes with a DVD of bonus content including a 30-day trial copy of our very own digital asset management solution, Portfolio. More information on the book from Wiley:

Digital Photo Projects For Dummies presents a unique twist on understanding the basics of digital photography. This full-color book walks you through the most common projects and tasks you’ll encounter in your digital photography activities. The book demonstrates the basics of setting your camera for the best shot before diving into how to approve your photos. Projects include adding light to a dark photo, improving focus, getting rid of red-eye, touching up blemishes, creating a collage, building a scrapbook page, turning a photo into a flyer or business card, and turning a photo into a piece of artwork ready for framing.

And if you are looking to purchase this book, I highly recommend you check out Portland’s own literary gem Powell’s Books.

What’s on YOUR desk?

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I love the Internet.

Not only can I buy things online, but I can find tons of things I really WANT to buy online, sites full of info about things I like, sites full of fun things, and even the unexplainable.

Really it’s the insight stuff I’m the most into: the guy who wrote the Purple Cow book has a blog, the Long Tail discussion continues online, you can find out what Marketing Strategists who understand the internet think about, and getting that peek into some people’s heads is endlessly fascinating to me. Which brings me (after a fashion) to the link I am trying to blog about: On My Desk. A place for creative professional types to put a photo of their desk and talk a little bit about it. More info here.

I won’t post a photo here (my desk needs some SERIOUS art direction before it’s photoworthy!) but here’s a quick description: I have a shelf ostensibly for books which is covered with Star Wars toys of various types and a random assortment of other action figures, two monitors both with a parade of toys across the top, and my walls are laden with sheets of stickers (ninjas! Pirates! Hello Kitty!) and postcards from places I’ve been.

When I appear to be winning the clutter battle I am eternally engaged in, I’ll snap some photos for you and post them here. I have some awesome stuff to show off!

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