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Understanding which fonts work well together can be a time consuming task. Our latest Suitcase Fusion 6 video focuses on QuickComp: A quick and easy way to build quick project samples and see how fonts interact with one another. Check out this video to see it in action!

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As a slightly less than metrosexual guy, I believe there are three key elements a man needs for his overall presentation: a good haircut, a decent watch, and nice shoes. Of course clothes and grooming matter, but these three items are key in presenting ourselves in a way that’s polished, professional—and, let’s face it—pretty.

Let’s extend that analogy to graphic design. There are a few key elements that define a brand, most notably logo, positioning, editorial voice, design approach, and color. Once that’s been established, we’re all ready to go out into the world in the form of a site launch. Right?


Two low-rent scripts that match the garish and tacky character, Saul Goodman. (Script Natural & Dancing Script)

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Political Campaign Logos and the Designers Who Hate Them

Meredith Post, Author at LPK Taking Brands to Extraordinary

Wired recently ran a piece entitled Typography is Why Jeb’s Logo is Worse Than a Piece of Crap. I say this in a non-partisan way, but it’s one of those headlines that kind of says it all.

Even though Bush has been using a variation on this logo since 1993, the recently unveiled 2015 version unleashed a new barrage of snark from the design community, with pundits criticizing everything from the typeface (Baskerville) to the exclamation point (“I don’t want to be told to get excited”) to the baseline of the exclamation point. AdWeek fed the flames of the controversy by reposting a bunch of mostly negatively “humorous” takes from the twittersphere.

Political Campaign Logos and the Designers Who Hate Them; Jeb Bush logo Continue Reading »

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SF5-AdobeCloudAdobe released the Creative Cloud 2015 update on June 16th.

Extensis is committed to providing the best support possible for Adobe professional design applications. The following is our support plan for Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Suitcase Fusion

  • We are currently developing new font auto-activation plug-ins for Suitcase Fusion that support Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and InCopy and expect to release an update in the coming weeks.
  • Use the check for updates feature in Suitcase Fusion to download the update when available.

Universal Type Server

  • We are currently developing updated new font auto-activation plug-ins for Universal Type Client that support Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and InCopy and expect to release an update in the coming month.
  • When it is available, download and install the updated Universal Type Client to get the updated plug-ins.


  • There are no known issues with files generated by Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 file types when cataloged by Portfolio.

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In our latest video highlighting key features in Suitcase Fusion 6, we explore the Font Vault – a single, secure, managed repository that stores your entire Suitcase Fusion database and fonts. In this short video, learn how the Font Vault keeps your fonts free from corruption, prevents accidentally deleting fonts, and makes managing duplicate fonts and versioning easy.

Want to see more? Check out all of our Suitcase Fusion 6 videos here.


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