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Dress up your docs with bold typography

For a long time, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint users were forced to choose from a menu of system fonts like Arial, Impact and—for the typographically challenged—the dreaded Comic Sans. No one in corporate America was safe from bland docs and presentations with type set in the same-old, same-old. Even if you installed your own fonts, scrolling down the font menu was still a pain. The tiny display type didn’t help, either.

It doesn’t have to have to be this way anymore.

Suitcase Attaché Brings All Your Fonts To Microsoft Word & PowerPoint

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Instagram Giveaway

Our first ever Instagram Giveaway

We’re new to Instagram! We love it for connecting with the global creative community, finding talented designers to collaborate with on projects like Fontspiration (our typographic showcase in Suitcase Fusion) and sharing what we are most passionate about. Inspiration abounds on Instagram!

Follow us on Instagram @extensis to see what excites us most from a design and typography point of view AND for your chance to win a fun, designerly prize to impress your friends and brighten your workspace. All current followers are entered to win—Tell your creative compadres!

Instagram Giveaway—inspiration abounds on Instagram

Inspiration abounds on Instagram

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Using Extensis Portfolio for social media success

As you may have seen, we recently touted our latest updates to Portfolio, which includes being optimized for OS X Yosemite (v10.10), advanced reporting options, and blazing fast operation.

In this post, we’ll take a more in-depth look at Baylor University’s innovative use of Portfolio to engage their social media audience in real-time.

Digital Asset Management Success Story: Baylor University

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As you had previously read in the post titled “Extensis Office Remodel: In Progress” from my colleague Jim Kidwell, Extensis is undergoing a literal and figurative transformation.

Extensis Office Remodel: Colocation — Painted Walls

When we started the evolution of our product practices to be more inline with an agile mindset, we realized that one of the barriers to this would be physical proximity of the teams. The extreme answer was to knock down all the walls—so that’s exactly what we did!

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We’ve embarked on a sweeping change for our Portland, Oregon office. We’re tearing down the walls.

Yup, it’s a bit exciting, as well as a bit scary, as any office remodel can be. It’s all to help bring new and enhanced efficiencies and collaboration to our teams. It all started when our engineering teams adopted the Scrum method of agile development and increased use of pair programming. The benefits of closer integration of our teams were visible, and it became evident that we all could benefit from working closer together.

So, at the end of 2014, much of our Portland team vacated our current digs and demolition began. With much dust, debris and a five story garbage chute, the walls and cubes came down.

Check out a ton of demolition pix after the jump.

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